If the guy is stupid enough to call, then the girl is bullshit enough to follow.

So as told by a friend of friend.. Please note that when it come from a friend of friend, then there will be lots of exaggeration and additional fact being included so that the story will sound much better than the first told.

Ok. Where did we stop?

Oh. As you can also see in a movie, there were this scene where while the hero was dying, he picked up his phone and instead of calling for paramedic he opted to call his girlfriend. This sweet-dying-boyfie then talked about how he love the girl so much and told her to take care of herself, be gentle to his cat, do not litter and all. When he is gone, yes.

No. The girl didn't know that the guy was dying.


And later, the girl found out that her boyfie is dead. A drug overdosed. Killed in an accident while escaping himself from a bunch of troopers. A shot in the head.

Knowing that, some sort of love ignited in the girl soul. She learn how lovely her death boyfriend was. And how deep her love was. The girl take care of her self as what she was told. She bath and brushed her teeth every fucking hours. Buy a set of recycle bin and placed it in her room. From blue to orange to brown.

And the best part is she didn't date anyone. Till she fucking died. All by herself.

Ah. Sweet.


M. Faiz Syahmi said...

this is some bullshit love story.

shax said...

And the best part is she didn't date anyone. Till she fucking died. All by herself. - ni part yang paling tak wujud.

ahh, sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeetnyew.

nuyuin said...


geeds said...

a shot in the head and he still got the time to call her gf? shouldn't he supposed to die immediately? ouh wait i forgot about the exaggerating part. haha.

Hellioz said...

so sad.
to the extend that i wanna puke.

i'm amazed on how ppl dedicate their life to another human being.

ya i know.
feelings bla3 so on so forth.

Max J. Potter said...

do people like this even exist?

waste of space.

anyway thanks..for linking to me. =) it's an honor.

cikpia said...

omaigod!!!! there's no such thing in this real world!!!

wake up! be strong!!! and if u dont want to then go to hell.....

i'msosupernotcool said...

im taking this to a play.
istana budaya here i come.