I should bought you a bed at the loser hospital instead of a bottle of lorazepam.

I was watching the Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah with my colleague last Wednesday. I am a big fan of the director actually. From the likes of Rombongan Cik Kiah Ke Sukan Komanwel to Rock and to Zombie Kampung Pisang and now this hilarious comedy-thriller, Mamat Khalid never fail to amaze me.

One thing I love about his movie is how he included social critics in most of his movie. Ok. I really am not good at this movie review thing. Let alone the social critics stuff. To even try to write one is already make me feel like err.. shit?

But, who give a fuck. Right?

Seriously, a guy named Abi Hurairah in a red high cut All Star shoes? Fuck. That's a hell of serbanitas funny, dude.

Now, back to what I supposed to dicks-cuss. If you watch this movie, there was a scene (at the warung) where Pak Jabit openly critics Pak Abu for his lack of leadership quality and yet still want to compete for the post (the way he promote himself and all). I can't stop laughing because that I think is fucking brilliant.

Forget about all those politicianshit. Let's just swing your head around. How many of you guys got a thirty years old homo sapien sitting at the end of the conference table talking about the company performance and questioning a fifty years old finance manager for his stupid ten-millions investment approval? How old is my general manager?

Half a century.

Because a young stud like me didn't have enough experience eh? Lacks of quality? Aha, seniority. How can I skipped that nice part.


Seniority itself is about narcissism and off course, dictatorship. Why? Because you failed to accept the fact that you yourself is a fool. You won't admit that some stud opinion is better than you, that is a fool. You can't accept the critics thrown at you, that is a fool. A young stud talking about world is wasting of time eh, well, that's bullshit.

You wasting your time when you first decided not to use that pretty brain of yours. To at least fucking choose what you want to read.

And yeah, Husin should have been select as the ketua kampung instead. Fuck with the no-SPM rule.

See. I've told you that I'm nowhere good in this movie review stuff. Now, if you'll excuse me, I got some 'praktikal' thingy to do.

Ha-ha-ha. Epic funny.


avid gunner said...

i'm more interested to make a fool of myself by laughing at the fag dude waving his hand like a freaking makyong dancer or something.

humaira hadzarami said...

haha, the story is real funny or you just being sarcastic? i went to the cinema last wed, and the Hantu Mak Limah movie yang ada few seats left. I tak jadi tgk movie.

Judiene said...

@ Avid Gunner:

Dude, that fag guy is so hilarious.
I haven't watch the movie yet but suddenly the image of that dude in Zombie Kg. Pisang appear in my mind.

jo said...

aku pun tak bleh lupa lawak sarkastik pasal kepimpinan tu. haha.

err...pengumuman...kelas fardhu ain minggu ini dibatalkan. hahaha!

Anonymous said...

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