Rules #2 : Denying truth.

I hate it when someone come and complain about how bad their days are. Ok. Admit it. I'm not a good listener. But seriously, when you yourself got your own problems yet to be handled, the last thing you will appreciate is getting struck with another.

Mentally or physically.

So if you ever want to start a fuck-my-boss-is-such-a-bitch conversation, why don't you first start with;

"Hey! How's your day, beautiful?"

And please make sure that he really is deserve that 'beautiful'.


shakinah said...

'hey! how's your day, jagung?'

and im damn sure you deserve that 'jagung'.

| Larasephia | said...

use the effing word.
a merry gossiper deserves a "merry" reply.

Hellioz said...

apa kata kita sama2 bitching pasal problem kita.

agak2nye kalau cakap camtu ape respons dapat?

Judiene said...

Yeah, couldn't agree more with you!

Sir Pök Déng said...

I thought people whine at their blogs? Why need a three-dimensional listener?

faiq said...

my day ass bad ass yours

bell nabila said...

hey hows your day boss??i like u damn much....=p

Rebelle Me said...

i'm with you!