I've seen this girl-in-guy's clothes with chick hold on to the lining of 'her' pocket.

When you hate something, the proper thing to do is to avoid from becoming one of them. So if you are a lesbian that hate guys so much, why don't you stop trying to look like them?

You don't see any Jews dress as Nazis, right?



Judiene said...

So you got your point there dude.
Be like gays.
They hate girls, that is why they don't dress like them.


(: afyy said...

Hahahahah dang!

geeds said...

yeah right! haha.

Hellioz said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

eh. most lesbians i know are not tomboys. they are dazzling sexy, even more beautiful and sexier than us straight girls.

but i guess u meant the tomboys. and they're categorised as lesbians too i supposed.

ehe. as for me, i don't group them together. maybe the differences in appearance.

i'msosupernotcool said...

Judiene: lesbo n gay, same-same la. haiya.

affy: dang!!

geeds: yeah yeah! haha.

Hellioz: god!

J.Abdullah: me, im no homophobic.

i dont hv problem sharing a table with them.
just dont try too hard.
they look like an idiot-schoolboy staring when i gave 'her' girl a glimpse.

Judiene said...

No, I mean the real gays, man-man kinda people.

hafiz terompahkayu said...

Hi Judiene..as a gay I dont hate girls. maybe other gay .

i'msosupernotcool said...

Judiene: ok. now u sound a bit weird.

hafiz terompahkayu: so was wahyudi eh?

seroja jingga said...

yet they still love doing it! sigh

eszol said...