Dude. Your kite was flying too high. It almost hit the sun. Bring it down a little.

Shit was really a nice way to kick off this post. Yeah. I really hate it when I had to do something for nothing. Last night, I've been forced to stay up to 4 am just to cover every single thing I've learn for today managerial economic test. Tired, I even missed my sahur.

And this next morning, ended up in a frozen hall with no sign of my goddamn Professor really is made my day.

Everyone then jokingly speculated that this professor maybe too tired of fasting so she decided not to come to class which is so not true. How can she? She wasn't fasting. She's Indian for god sake. And when another guy step up, jokingly says, he saw her at the McD having her Big Mac, I think that just more harsh than funny.

She's Indian!

Her absence was no biggies actually. She sent us her apology already. But to still mentioning her in this post, just show what a not-good student I am.

One thing that will surely prove to be pretty costly in this blogging industries is when airing your personal views. In airing your personal views, you sometimes tend to ignore others feeling. Worse come to worst when you start to kill your own feeling too.

Popularity? Nope? Might be? Ouch, it's hurt?

It's my perspective after all. Just don't tell me yours.


Fyzal said...

I sometimes get emo with lecturers. Especially when it comes to having an extra class. but i think it is normal for student like us bro.

so just sleep early tonite, so u can have your sahur tomorrow morning.

selamat berbuka buddy.

YobSumo said...

amacam puasa?

hdyh said...

wah..siap nmpk mkn bigmc.nasib baik bukan double GCB..hehehe :p

deus X machina said...

cici mana puasa yob

hafiz terompahkayu said...

its not showing anything...maybe reporting something. selamat berpuasa.

hellioz said...


i wont..


Judiene said...

she was actually trying to make you read her notes, without ask you to do so!

Arief Arf said...

study till late in the morning, and even missed your sahur?
damn, that's an A student right there.