I put a snoopy picture on my display. Yes I'm muslim.

I've just finish commenting on Fatt Chin Choy entry on how unfiltered his blog is. I love this entry and I think I'm in the same situation.

I don't hide my identity. I don't have to do that. Why would I do that for? I'm not a government condemner where every words I said will put me straight to jail or qualify enough to climb onto the ISA list. Let alone the guy who write his entry from the unknown cave somewhere in Bora-Bora desert.

My words come from everything. It's all about what I see. What I feel. What I've experienced. It's just sometime when I think back. What if the readers know me. Or related to me. Or there are people that I've to face everyday reading my story. That's when I think I've to have a limit.

It's the same with my old one. It was like everything I said wasn't true anymore. I've to control my angst. I've to limit my craziness. I've to portray my blog-post the way I portray myself in the outside world. I've to put my aside my opinion and then what? lets the crowd do the talking. Shit.

Duh. I'm not being hypocrite. And it's not about hypocrite anymore. We live in the world full of hypocrite this whole time. Ask yourself. Wouldn't you mind telling the bad side of you to your dream girl on your first date? Or how many of you spend the days doing something that you don't like faking a fucking smile on your face?

Enough with the hypocrite. I went to a small event held by a group of blogger last month. It wasn't a gathering but it's more toward an art event and I was there to support them. Support their art. Support their passion since I too was into this kind of passion. A lots of blogger came. None notice me. Maybe because I was too handsome in my display picture. But I don't give a damn about it. It's never my intention to come there and have my name announce on my arrival. I went there to show my support.

It's not about how many fall-ow-err you have. It's about what you wrote. It's about honesty. If you can't being honest to your crowd, be honest to yourself at least.

Dude. Your kite was flying too high. It almost hit the sun. Bring it down a little.

This is what happen when I let my hand do the talking. Fuck.


kawie2020 said...

hypocrite is blend to everybody. Just a little or a lot of dishonest. As long as human being, we are acting as a hypocrite all the time...

fndrocka said...

hidup satu pementasan. watak kita lain2.

nursarah87 said...

but some bloggers turn to be excited collecting followers, so they create bombastic n hypocrite stories to make their blog attractive to readers..

avid gunner said...

it's a shame when some of 'em (hypocrisy bloggers) made tabloid headline articles just to be some kind of celebrity in bloggers community.

but i guess that's how things would work out. nobody likes ordinary boring stories. you gotta spice 'em up.

fitriah said...

big time!
cant agree more with u.
it annoyed me to see some bloggers create controversial 18sx headline n articles n what's more pathetic is that tu sume rekaan semata mata. n then most of the entries pun berbau lucah. duh. get a life!

i'msosupernotcool said...

we've been thru lot of hypocricy..
we even act as part of it..

it's whether we realise it or not?
luv it or not..

but the award ceremony only one..
n dat where ur achievement been evaluate..

no mattr if u r a star actor or jst an xtra..

it's their right but it just wont fit me..

i'msosupernotcool said...

avid gunner:
it's no bad if they wanna to spice it up..
i do it..
no bad at all..

it's when they start to pretend..
being someone else..
lose theirself..

get a life dude..

btw thx 4 singgah..

Hisham said...

salam bro...nice en3 like b4,.keep blogging without fear..speak of yr minds...wasalam

i'msosupernotcool said...


thx 4 visitg my blog..

keep up..

Anonymous said...

dunia memang penuh hipokrit

kat sini kita bebas... muahaha

kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

i faced hypocrite most of my days...people tend to being one as they were selfish bout themsleves..

those who said that im a hypocrite..? ask yourself first.chill beb, nobodys perfect..

and oww,ah fatt's writing was a great imagination that i never think of..its freedom dude..hehehee...

waNNa_eXess said...

jom lepak mapley? he he

i'msosupernotcool said...

Fatt Chin Choy:
u the man..

nobody's perfect..
so do i..

we learn frm our or other mistake..

mapley ane?

joegrimjow said...

wow pak cik kawie!!

i'msosupernotcool said...

pak cik kawie?

kawie2020 said...

Not pakcik kawie.. just call me bro kawie... hahahaha...

i'msosupernotcool said...


Dak Wan said...

Hypocrite = Doing everything to satisfied ONLY his/her ego. Correct? Or am I reading a different dictionary? Ngeengeengee.. Only gods know..

MissA said...

teringat reason i buat blog baru..very true what you've said..
sometimes, ada benda yang kita tulis buat kawan kita kecil hati.so better if we write as anonymous..not being hypocrite, i agree. Just to be careful..
high five for this post..love it..

Anonymous said...

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i'msosupernotcool said...