How Do Guys Spend Their Weekend?

"Excuse me mate. I got a question here. I bet you can tell me. Cause you look like a real guy though. Cool guy. Is that what you call it mate? Innit? Aite. Here's the question."

What do real guys needs to survive their weekend?

What? Have you ever think about this? I saw this on one of my ex-housemate shirt and it list three major thing that a real guy needs in surviving their weekend. I wasn't going to list the same thing but this is from what I've experienced. Enjoy mate.

This the five thing that a guy needs to survive a weekend.

No 5: T-shirt, short pant and boxer.

No 4: Football match.

No 3: Mates who also enjoys football.

No 2: Nearby mamak stall.

No 1: A WIN off course.

I've just finish watching the-not-so-cool devils got their ass beaten by the true blue. Mr Blues whipped their asses hard. Although I only predict a draw for this. And now the top two is conquered by the Londoners with us got a game in hand and surely lots of goals different. Come on you gunners.

In ARSENE we trust!! Damn.


waNNa_eXess said...

gunners. cool.

im blues.

if MU then u're not cool. aha

Koyuki said...

ya ya


when u get kicked in the ass (by someone of course), hard, it's not some kind of twisted karma..

but in soccer,

it is.

trust me.


kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

i love no. 5 for sure..! hahahaha...

i'msosupernotcool said...

no 5?

i wear no5 shirt when playing for my fac..