First Post : Rejuvenated

This is my third time creating a blog. One of the blog still actives but it was actually more into Malay language. Another one has been deleted due to some fuckin problem. Didn't think it necessary to share it here.

I'm thinking of starting a new life. A blog life where I'm thinking of being honest. Being straight in addressing my opinion and my feeling. I'm hoping of letting you know my real story. How my reals life story playing. How uncool i am. How fuckin loser I've became.

That why I'm going to give you a little description on how my life has gone so far.

It was all started back around 1986 when i was first coming into this cruel world. My dad off course a man and my mom surely a woman must be the happiest person in the world that day. I was the third from six and we were in a state somewhere at the north at that time.

It wasn't long before my family moved to the east cost region. To the place where it hard to find a shopping complex unless you're willing to spend hours traveling to the nearest city. It was all jungle around and the thought of bumping into wild animals always cross my child mind.

My primary school time was awesome. I was always one of the smartest guy in the class. Maybe because my mom was there. Not as a teacher but as a gardener there. I've lost my father when i was in standard one so my mom have to take all the responsibilities. Depending on a palm oil income wasn't a clever idea to save stomach of seven. My mom was a hero. Clap-clap.

After successfully graduating my primary school, my mom send me to a nearby boarding school. This is where my life really get started. Here i started to learn a lots of thing. Unease to say lots of bad thing. Most of my B-side experience come from here. But that is what make my life so special. So interesting.

My end product wasn't a great one. I fail to get into any university after the SPM result announced. But it's not all about my result. It was my stupid mistake for didn't manage to get my hands to the form. Fuck.

I ended up working for a company serving food to the boarding students. This last for a quite number of times. And it was hell lots of fun. Being a young blood with lots of money in hands did so less in contributing to my already dark life. I quit after nine months due to a little clash with my stupid boss.

It was a fasting month when i got a call up from this public university offering me an accounting study. And hell yeah i accept it. I'm going to be a student again. But it all didn't work well. My student life wasn't that great. I've to extend my studies and my mom have to support me for the whole semester. Shit. I'm such an L.

After graduating, i fail to get myself into the degree level. I was in such a depression mode. I try looking for a work through job street and etcetra but there's no offer come. I'll spend all six months doing nothing at home. I watch TV for the whole days. Eat when I'm hungry. Sleep at anytime of the day. I was in such a mess.

Finally i got an offer from this same public university. Although the course offered is different from what I've learn for the last three years, I'm still going for it. I've just finish my second semester last Monday and now hoping that I'll still be there next semester. Wish me.

Fuck I'm so sleepy. It's 4:40 am already. All my mates must be enjoying their wet dream rite now. I'm going for it too. I'm thinking of having Lisa Surihani accompany me tonite. Damn.


kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

wow! pretty amazing when sumone could share their uncool life as you are..heheh..

clap! clap!

gud luck!

i'msosupernotcool said...

damn i'm pretty.
and hell yeah i was amazing.
sadly not cool.

i was just writing.

thx for the comments.

Anonymous said...

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