Josh no more. I'm down to Alfie.

Love at the first sight.

Is it relevant?

Okay. Enough with love. I just can't get enough of it, didn't I? I'm broadening this to another aspect of life which is.. Life. How many time have you encounter an outsider who wasn't near to what you expected of.

Like this guy who wasn't so Chinese as I portrayed and me wasn't that Josh I once exaggerated.

Happy fasting. And God bless.


Razman said...

dah2 la pasal love nya zul. terawih td x nmpk muka g mne?

hellioz said...

hyperbole perception perhaps?

ALIA AZHRR said...

Happy Fasting ,Boy. If you're doing something that is hurting you, make it worth :)

Judiene said...

Josh who??
btw, happy fasting!

Lady Dyla said...

Gosh.! I know ur in love...
sudah2 la erk.. lol..

happy fasting

zaheeda said...

HapPy FasTinG .... (^_^)

zaheeda said...
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zaheeda said...

HapPy FasTinG .... (^_^)

MuHaMMaD86 said...

happy fasting

love is suffering

Anonymous said...

I confirm. It was and with me. Let's discuss this question.

~hAti bErgEL0jaK!~ said...

happy fasting! XD

Anonymous said...

we should exepct more unexpected than expected.
cause reality is more fiction that the fiction book itself.
I myself go against love at the first sight, cause you may be influence by what you expect more than what you will get.

a calm face with pelikat and songkok heading a way to surau; but end up, looking for a couple of good-looking-selipar.
ah, i had being cheated!

but; one man do wrong should not conclude the whole family/community is bad too.

for you; have a great pleasure to enrich your ibadah in this Ramadhan. this maybe me our your last Ramadhan; so why dont make it the most meaningful one?