An art personnel. The second chapter.

I talked to an art personnel few days ago. I told him it always nice to have a plan B so that you were well prepared when your first got fucked up. He goes against me. Right there.

He told me how thrilled life can be without the B plan. How many thing you can learn about when you decided not to use a substitute. Not to even create one. The joy of watching your dream burn into ashes.

'That's a disaster'. Again, I told him.

'You just never experience it (the thrill)'.

He laugh and then smile. He then ask me to walk into the middle of the packed road and stay there for quite a minute. I gave him a strange 'you gotta be kiddin aite' look. Only to add another big grin to his face.

'You never experience one (the thrill) coward. Go'.

I take the challenge. I make my way into the packed road. One step after another. A honk startled me just when I was about to put my left foot into the steamy road.

Fuck. You're not an art personnel. You are insane. Personally.


Anonymous said...

aku suka idea dia

Robot Baik said...

siapkan dengan plan C lagi baek.