Facebook is a place where you write your little diary, lodge a wallet-loss report and say a holy prayer.

When you've been too long in a certain condition, situation and environment, one thing best is you'll never have problem getting used to it again. And again.

I got a friend of friends who end up with a new boyfie three days after spending most of her night crying like she was in one man land. Either she's not good at enjoying a no-boyfie-life environment or so well in adapting a heartbreak situation.

And if you've been single for the last decade of your age. I really don't think it will be a problem if your spouse decided to call off your two-years-but-not-going-anywhere relationship.

Now, how good is that?


cikmemy said...

senangnye jadik camtu..sia2 jek menangis....hmm...tapi.ape makne perhubungan tu bagi dia eh...senang sangat dapat, senang la break up...
1 buku aku bace, dia kate, bile da betul2 ready nak kawen, then barulah cari pasangan..better lagi camne dr kapel duk asyik nak putus kapel balik dgn orang lain putus lagi kapel lagi.penat~!

Razman said...

haha..ada sorg minah ni bdk skolah lme ak (klu bley xnak ngaku) lg xleh blah. dlm seminggu tu, die tukar 3 kali dgn org laen2. tp stiap kali die tukar 'single' die akn buat ayat tacing habis mcm nk bunuh diri pe sume. bila die tukar balik 'in a relationship' dia akan buat status mcm dia ada duit sebanyak donald trump. klu ko bminat nak kenal, nti aku bg link die kat fb..msti taste ko ni zul..hahaha

thegossiplounge said...

fall in love, out of love.fall in love, out of love.fall in love, out of love.fall in love, out of love.fall in love, out of love.


Afyy ;) said...

Haha dorang saje nk main couple-couple tu.
Asyik main kawen-kawen tk best jugak.

Judiene said...

i like the last part better
if it's best for you to be alone, then what's the point of having a bf??
being in a relationship that bores you doesn't give you anything but burden!


| Larasephia | said...


hilarious, as always mr cool

hey, I actually miss you! wtf? haha :p

Koyuki said...

it's not the fall that hurts..it's when ya hit the ground..

Arief Arf said...

girls these days.
one moment, they are suicidal.
the next, it took a 360 degree turn.
immature, i guess?

Robot Baik said...

adeh, macam tukar baju jer.

Nurulbadiah Lai said...

haih..i hate those girl which is break up with his guys, then..let the whole word know her sadness..nangis bagai nak rak..then, within one week after..da start with a relationship with others guy...what the fish! u said tu cinta mati kau..siap sumpah seranah kat fb ckp u cannot live without him..but then..sekejap je kau tukar baju..damm not cool..iate?

Lady Dyla said...

I dont really feel that my tears worth for somebody that is not certain to be mine.. Its only a boyfie... not ur fiance or hubby.. So wy bother to cry... u'll find someone in just a min or two..

AJ Nismihan said...

Dont spill out your emotion and everything on facebook; cause your curse and say may eaten you back in any way.
and there will be a shame if it is happen; and it always happen anyway!

my advice.
take things with a light heart. be caution. you should not hate too much, cause you may ended love them; and vice versa.

so, every 'fullstop' relationship; just think that it is fine; and of course a beginning of new venture.

that should be great that simply stuck to old neverending life.

and of course; i believe, The Almighty do reserved something better for us to be enjoy; later.

so, you choose your action.
and i know you know better what the best reaction should be rite!