Hence, I must be the most cursing 'religious' school graduates.

One most annoying thing I never really want to remember is knowing the fact that my account balance is down to only a hundred bucks with almost another four month to complete.

Fuck the truth.

I'm really not good at handling money. I can easily flush out a sum of money without even realize the thing I've spend the money on. I can quickly buy this, that and that in a second. Oh liar. Minutes sound much logic. But that's my specialty.

I got another six hundred ringgit in my brother hand and another hundred at my sister. They borrowed it last month. That's how we run it in my family actually. Whoever got their money first, he need to help others who didn't. And this time it was me being the lucky first.

But that's another story. Unless their stupid maktab decided to bank in their delayed allowance right now, consider it an accrued fund. Still, I got eight hundred in total.

The truth is I really didn't feel that comfortable wandering around with only hundred bucks account balanced. The truth is I don't really feel comfortable ringing my mother asking her help to settle my next month house-rent and bills. And the truth is I feel much like a loser when my elder brother texting me saying he has put some money into my account.

Fuck the truth.


natra md.nor said...

I got less than 100 in my bank account! And I still need another 2K to pay for my school fees...

And now who's the bigger looser? =p

Damn.. Seriously, FUCK THE TRUTH!

Judiene said...

wait for the ptptn lorr..

Judiene said...

but ur not the only one who is having prob with money management
i can make rm1000 turn into lots of things in 1 hour

Robot Baik said...

setakat ni duit aku cukup saja.
tak pernah lagi pinjam dari orang.
walaupun gaji bulan2 ciput saja.

mujur lah aku ni pandai manage duit.

lumut said...

lucky u he is ur elder brother..not ur younger brother bro..hehe

tc ok

hellioz said...

the truth hurts...
but still...
its the truth...


Arief Arf said...

heya there bro,
happy ramadan!

thegossiplounge said...

at least u have someone to help in times of needs. aku dlu xdok org nak amek tahu.
tipon kampong je lah.

AJ Nismihan said...

then, that is family member for.

i borrowed from my younger brother before too.
and it is now my turn to help the other brother.

It is about appreciate your other family members; and appreciate who help digging your from that deep fall.

you may not turn to help the same person; but still you can look for others to help. and Allah will pass the goodwill to him in other way around.

trust me that the fact of life; but in our eyes, it doesnt. maybe thats why Allah is always Maha Mengetahui, and we are not =)

got me?