Because they were living a different flag. I guess.

Watching a live malay talk show on a sleepless Sunday morning while waiting for my friend modelling a modern baju melayu, really tickles my insanity out. I can't do nothing but laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

Sharifah Shahira, the host, is a funny mom. And sometimes a stupid actress too. But this unknown-interviewed girl is just too much in both ways.

Hell she is stupid. Malaysian is stupid, generally. Klang Valley-an are (edited). Stupid enough to come out with really an immature-not-knowing-anything statement.

She was asked about the baby dumping thingy. How she feels and what can be done in tackling this issues? And her answer is if a wife is more human and responsible, this dumping thingy won't be happened. Yeah. You heard me right. Wifey. An effing wife.

That don't answer how much she know but how much she don't know. Poor her.

Oh. It's Merdeka night. Save your curses for another eight month or so. So you can throw it when baby dumping issues was again being a hit. Unless they decided it's a fasting month and gangbang is a not, you're at loss then. Heh.

And when you saw a stupid guy speaking on national television that there were twelve stripes on the Jalur Gemilang, don't put your middle finger up yet. He might be born under the different flag. The one with no moon and more stars drawn.

Salam kemerdekaan. God bless Malaysia. And America too.


Anonymous said...

Hey, be careful there, buddy. You might hurt some Klang Valley-an feelings. :)

joegrimjow said...

help stupid to become clever
its everyone responsible

Judiene said...

god bless Malaysia
and America because the world economy is depending on them!

Sir Pök Déng said...

Wasap diud.

I myself a graduate of a higher learning institution in Sarawak. They got some problem with Merdeka. Been there for four years, I think I understand their feeling.

A fact in Malaysian history: Malaya achieved independence from Britain in August 31st, 1957. Only six years later (September 16th, 1963), Sabah and Sarawak joined forces to form Malaysia Federation. At the same time, Singapore was kicked from the big plan due to their radical racial politic issues. And the rest are history.

Merdeka = only for Malaya
Malaysia Day = for Malaysia

Anyway, I've read through your older posts. I think you write good stuffs.

Sir Pok Deng

i'msosupernotcool said...

fikri fadzil: emotion edited. heh.

joe: me? i'll pass.

jude: crap is because we both live under a nearly same old flag. oh fuck.

Sir Pok Deng: cheers!

Anonymous said...

that happen.
will always happen.

people may not know what they are asked to do; thus simply do what they thing they want to do.

that is not stupid; but ignorant.
being ignore to be educated well in living.

you can celebrate anything you want; but at the end, you should not let go the spirit.

celebrate merdeka day? patriotik? arrgh no. They are not. It just rutine that you should do just for the sake of doing. and the youngster treat them as another party; a wild party too!
another 9 months to go, before another batch of merdeka day party baby will come, trust me, they do; if not all.

and you point is sharp point for me.