Letters to Shakespeare : Jumping rooftops?

Fear is one of the reason how we, human surrender our life to the community.

Fear of living jobless sometimes in the future, you keep on study something that you hate and sacrifice the greatest talent that once you own. Fear of living alone in the next twelve months is what motivates you to go and pick a random chicks whom at the very moment you think you will spend your whole life with.

One thing I fear of becoming one's friend is I can't, or even if I can, it is hard for me to tell them that they just made a stupid decisions.

Born in a flock doesn't mean you can't go out living like a wolf. Unless you don't mind eating fresh green grass for your whole life, waiting for the butcher to cut you up into pieces. Put a fang, wear a mask or even straighten your tail and held your head high up while walking into the jungle .

No. It's not hypocrisy. It's me telling you how fuck your life can be when you choose to live it other's way.


LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

Sometimes, it's make life merrier.

Sir Pök Déng said...

I think you have just talked about The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It's a book.

No it's a journey.

geeds said...

hey. i love what you wrote. mentioned you in my blog. hope you don't mind. credits are given. :)

Koyuki said...

hence..what dont kill ya..makes ya stronger..

Robot Baik said...

loe too read ur blogs.
love ur metaphors too.

seroja jingga said...

hey man,
its been a long time..

this is fucking true.! yeah u rite

| Larasephia | said...

tried to live my own way but still it fucked u.

man, u had been slapping + smacking me through words and words only for ages. can I hire YOU (as in a total stranger)to come slap me for real sometimes? Real tired of those who called themselves friends but not really friends.

Hellioz said...

know what?

u're right...

AJ Nismihan - berkelana said...

we always can have our say being heard before the decision made; as long as we have a big will to stand still and speak it load.
But, by culture, we are so naive and folloew the lead.
thus, let the other decide the best for us. and turn out worse.

for me.
get involve with decision making, and be proud of that.
never say sure when you dont, and never commit to anything bigger than yourself; and of course The Almighty.

choose based on what you need; and not necessary what you want.
at the end, your survivor here is not long; and hereafter is the destiny.

err lara; want another part-timer slap-per?