Gear up. It's a book writing season.

I just finished reading a malay independent journal/book, written by some musician whom I think doing quite well in blaming girls for all the love-pain he suffered. Ok. Kidding. He travels and talks about the life a lot. Beauty at some points.

Reading his, I was thinking of doing mine.

A small triple-five-size-book, covered some of the destination I've been for the last ten years. From the future-less-life in Kampung Sungai Ramal to a week-of-stuck-and-lost-hope in Johor Bahru to the high-and-low-class-night as a Pavilion's part timer, I bet I got lots to share.

Hell, I'm a goddamn seasonal. I just hate to admit it.


LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

Well, U should.

Hellioz said...

most of us are, seasonal
eat em alive

Sir Pök Déng said...

I'd love to read your stories.

Anonymous said...

me too.
I'm a goddamn seasonal too.

if you decide to write, and published them in even balck-and-white photocopy version, do tell me, and i willingly will wire you the purchase price soonest possible.

if i dont fall in love with your writing, i would not follow you since first time drop to your entry.
it was "I do prefer a virgin even if I'm not." as my start; maybe, and i have no end till now.

so, care to consider mine as your back?
but, i prefer you write them in your tone, rather than simple stupid travelling guide that make me bored to even consider look at them. ah, you know that will bored you too, rite?


btw: what the book's title? I mean, the one that you read? Shax (the book maniac) may love read them too!

fndrocka said...

u talking about jayzuan kan kan.haaha.nowadays everyone can.write a book and get publish..boleh sukahati letak muka kita sebagai cover depan lagik..hehek.gara-gara blog..ramai minat menulis

Cik GuLA-GuLa said...

beatu at some points! ya...

neway..lurv to read ur blog...

| Larasephia | said...

this might be the best news Ive ever heard in 2010.

Hurry up and make it done. I'm sure I can sponsor a more decent note book. I use that 555 book as vocab book for my form 1 pemulihan class u know. U shouldnt be THAT kesian. You're famous. (err.sort of :p) so reputation kena jaga ok? ;)

h.a.n said...

i guess i knew that book ..
written by mohd jayzuan maybe ?

i'msosupernotcool said...

maybe. maybe.

and ur laugh.
i think it seasonal now.

Sir Pok Deng:

self title maybe?

this might sound biased
but know what.
you're my fav reader, dude.
and writer too.

yup. jayzuan absolutely.
i grow up being his groupie btw.
bloodymary rules!!

Cik GuLa GuLa:
thanks your honor!!

and u gonna be my editor then.
since my grammar suck,
am i?

read it?

wmy said...

its jay kerouac book, isnt it?

nursarah said...

plez do urs.

I'll be the 1st want to read it. haha

h.a.n said...

yes yes // i already have nota nota gila too

i'msosupernotcool said...

its jayzuan.

no i dont deserve such compliment.

is it nice?