Four letters word. Or less : Go grab yours!

One of my former lecturer always remind my class not to complain when people decided to pick anything based on cronies-ism. Or favoritism.

I imagined myself with a bag of money to give away. Again? As to make sure I won't facing any financial difficulties in the future, I kept some for myself. As enough as I don't have to move my ass, the next time I wanna go shopping in Dubai. Being a responsible child and a generous brother, I gave some to my beloved mom and a portion each to all my siblings.

Well, that's the family-first spirit peoples talk about. Right there.

I gave another portion to all my cousin, uncle, aunt, grandma and those who has a good relationship with either me or my family. Blooded or not. The rest which I'm pretty sure with such a small amount left, I would let the others to grab. With a considerate efforts, yes.

Oh. You might have yours too if you do try. Fuck eh?


Sir Pök Déng said...

Who says the world is fair? Those who reject that probably do not understand the basic principle of heaven and hell.

| Larasephia | said...

well, at least.. you are NOT complaining, arent u?

Judiene said...

sure i would be the one who grab that portion of money first
if it still there la, i'm afraid those who are 'fake' to you might be queue on the front line

maCy said...

gimme? ;p

i'msosupernotcool said...

Sir Pök Déng:
And they tend to wait.
And complaint.
Rather than change.

Err.. err..
Hell no. I don't.
I guess so.

OK. No complaints then.
And good luck.

Try. Wud ya?