Football stuff. Girls wouldn't want to read this eh?

In Pat Rice we trust and Rafael Van Der Who?

It is 2 a.m on a dull Wednesday morning and I was the only one awake of all my housemates. I text a few friends asking them for a taste of League Cup match but none of them reply.

So no mamak for today. Just a free and a-bit-late live broadcast brought to me by this gambling site called bet365.com. I once used this software known as Sopcast. A free p2p online television channel. Still not a good one but fair enough for me to write off my teh tarik and roti telur cost.

Watching football here, at home was never the same feeling as watching football at the mamak stalls. The passions and the thrills weren't here. So was the screaming thingy. And of course, no hot chicks.

Yeah. Watching a football match is a bit like watching some hot chicks passing by with their don't deserved boyfriends. You tend to love the beautiful one. Sexy is a plus. And in watching the beautiful one, you would always want to be on the winning side. The beautiful-hot-sexy chick's side. The win, if they do happen, undeniably came with thriller, lots of excessive words and sometimes dramas.

Ask the Kopites, they learnt that last weekend. Oh. I mean here the drama, not the 'beautiful' game. And no they didn't win that.

Back to the supposedly discuss game. Mr. Wenger was on the stand, banned for his rage against the official on last weekend draw. Yeah. That was another drama. Without le' professor next to his young side, the match started pretty well for the Arsenal. It took only sixteen minute when Lansbury opened the scoring before the game went pretty un-beautiful.

Spurs then took only three minutes in the second half to come back into the game, thanks to an offside goal by Robbie Keane which I'm sure gonna be well handled by Mr. Rice during the post match conference. So the game goes pretty balance with both teams created their chances only to be spurred by their forward lines.

The match went into an extra time with Arsenal, as always, controlled most of the possession. Nasri, at last put his side in front from the spot kick before regretting himself for not taking it on the weekend when he added another in the space of five minutes. Also resulted from a spot kick. Arshavin completed the win with a nice strike late in the first half of extra time.

So the match ended 4-1 with Mr. Rice look calm in his boss seat.

And there's no way better to end the feverish night than hearing the fans singing "There's only one team in London" out loud. Err... Ok. North London. Fine.

So Mr. Van Der Vaart, which team is BIGGER and better now, huh?


LORD ZARA 札拉 said...


I heart football so much, and I guess that might be one of the reasons why no guys dare to choose me as their girlfriend.



Anyway, I'm always MU supporter. :p

dish said...

haha.. *muka bangga*

sentiasa arsenal.

Sir Pök Déng said...

I beg to differ, sir!

I am a man who is not in love in football. Forever. I know David Beckham because he's always on TV. His wife was a member of Elite pop group called Abby Abadi.

I do martial arts.

h.a.n said...

tipikal boys suka football

f.a.r.a.h said...

i only watched football when it comes to world cup. why eh? don't know lah. haha.

| Larasephia | said...


tiba2 rasa mcm nk pegi kiss Sir Pok Deng.

I loathe football/soccer game. But I love wearing the teams'jersey-shirts.My guy-friends said its so sexy. ( I can believe I could be so shallow) :p

avid gunner said...

take that, yids!!

i'msosupernotcool said...

with all the previous bling-bling MU cursor,
yes u are!!

gunners till i die, huh?

Sir Pok Deng:
no biggies.
i never enjoy the smell of tempoyak as others are.

err.. abby abadi?

typical is my middle name babe.

because it's more than a cup.
it's a celebration.

ur damn rite.
seeing girls in kits was realy err.. err..

oh please.
i lost my goddamn word.

god bless us mate!!
we need a goddamn trophy!!