Masked Warrior : Because shit happens when we least expect it.

Instead of going to class, I spend my supposedly-not-a-free-time watching two of the world greatest person document-stories. How Che Guevara freed Cuba from the Batista regime and the making of Mr. Adolf in Hitler: The Rise of Evil. Eight hours of bloodshed revolutionaries.

With an add on, off course.

So what have I learned from a capitalist minded people nature is their eagerness to make us feel guilty when we failed to follow what they ask us to. Guilty for not accepting the rules set by them.


And when my beloved lecturer threatened to send my name to the HEP, I drew a minimalist smile with 'Sorry, I won't cut class again' writing all over it.

That's when I decided to call myself a masked warrior.


sastraboy said...

hidup, haha.

i'msosupernotcool said...

and damn u r fast. lol.

geeds said...

i had lost count of how many classes that i have skipped. =.="

Sir Pök Déng said...

I skipped 57,398 classes within one semester.

Shaa said...

sorry, i won;t cut class again?

aww thats cute. haha

AJ Nismihan said...

The best way of get involve with others thought is let the mind open, but keep intact with critical mind; always.
Absorb the best in, and let the others gone.

and maybe that just me.
cause, i always say "What they asked is the best they thought, but i have mine; and it is the best that i can get"

i am the winner at the end.

winner never skip class?

"Maaf. Yang kemudian nanti, saya pasti hadir. Tanpa ragu" + innocent blur face = a seat in final exam.

Hellioz said...

keyboard warrior

J. Abdullah said...

i always live by the rules.

i never live by the rules.

now i call myself a death eater. because they wear masks. err geddit? nvm.

i'msosupernotcool said...

gud luck wit ur assignment then.

Sir Pök Déng:
over what?

when was the last time anybody called me cute?

i'msosupernotcool said...

AJ Nismihan:
im a winner then.
maybe whiner?

famous guy droppin by.

J. Abdullah:

no i don't.