Even if I wasn't a family-guy, I can still try and become one.

The last time I spend the whole month of Ramadhan with my beloved mom is during my primary school.

I was planning on going back to my hometown this weekend only to be spoiled by my brother's what-a-high-commitment toward his work. Can't blame him for that. Work in such a huge company with such super competition, that's for me just acceptable. Corporate life suck didn't they?

He text me then. Confirming that it will be next week. Fine with me.

Just when I was about to continue my computer-gaming session, this stupid statement came up. "Dude, our economic test is next week aite? Saturday 21st." And I was like cursing and cursing and cursing which really done well in deducting my fasting reward.

Thanks you, me.

Lately there were lots of sad news about this un-sin masterpieces found in an unnecessary place. There were also talks and talks of sending the convicted to death penalty. I gave that a vote. To teach others not to, I think that will work.

They deserved it.

And the title is really something you don't have to think. It wasn't my intention of writing some mental harassment not worthy reading entry on this Sunday heat. Damn, I'm hungry.


i'msosupernotcool said...

rain alredi.. lol..

Judiene said...

what's the un-sin masterpiece??

shakinah said...

Sian awak. Tehehehe.

ALIA AZHRR said...

Hey hey. Keep your head up high. Selalu lah call yr mom okey :)

Robot Baik said...

aku kali terakhir spend ramadhan dengan mak aku tahun lepas.
tu pun masa aku terpaksa berhenti kerja lepas ayah aku accident.

YobSumo said...

i'm hungry too.

puasa sebulan... ade masa lagi nak bukak pose ngan mak.

AJ Nismihan said...

sometimes, we should do more of what-we-think-so-childish with our parent when they like it; case you never know when you cant do that anymore.
I admit that leaving my mum crying alone is stupid enough; but sometimes i just cant help. Thus, being a bit childish for her is just a way out;perhaps.

anyway, how test preparation then?
still will back for family breakfast rite?

just think that is a way out of stress; in way another.

bout the un-sin masterpieces (in which treated like a new-order-dump) i vote for 'give-a-lesson' too. Maybe 'whipping' for non-married and 'stoning' for married will do. Err, are these sound too familiar? But it is a way better education method rite?