These days, I have nothing.

It's been a while since I last reading. Blogging thingy wasn't really do well in winning my heart lately. Same it goes with books. Books. I buy one book at the start of the semester. A text book. Didn't do very much to my excitement, I let it rust in my green book rack.

Books for me is a holy thing that everyone should have. Owned. Mind it a text book or not. Learn or not learn. Good or not good. Books bring the perceptions on what their writer thinks of. Maths. Musics. Arts. Comedy. The world. Honest and modest.

I am a writer. I, myself write from everything. On everything. Yeah. Writing is easy.

From the first time I start writing, I feel like the world has taking itself away from me. Or maybe it was me taking myself away from the world. Naive. But it worth the sacrifice. Sometimes, spending my time with this few white pages is much better than the world.

What I have here is my emotion and this silly mind. Here, I am the king. King of my delicate minds. This body and souls is just the medium between me and the world. A world which is hard to explains. Yet, hard to understand.

Always mistakenly understood.

I am a writer. A writer of my own world. A reader of my own word. I love writing the same way that I hate reading.

Continue and I'm so fucked up. Beautifully.


Razman said...

I love writing the same way that I hate reading.

ntah pe motif aku copy paste semula ni.

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

I love reading.

I love blogging.

I love writing. But unfortunately, my desire in writing short stories and novels seems fade away bit by bit.


Judiene said...

i love to write but i dunno if my writing is good!

| Larasephia | said...

darling, HATE; is always a very strong word. especially to be used in the same sentence where the word "reading" is mentioned. Id like to think u're a good reader. because a good writer is a person who reads lot. and u're 1 hell of a great writer. ok,this juxtaposition do make sense, right?

I fall in love with reading prior to writing. Because I feel the needs to write and tell the whole world what I had read. Didn't everyone?

I think u came to think u hate reading because you havent really found something really read-worthy. come lepak with me at the Kino for one day where I can show you some great f*****g stuffs to read. Maybe then you'll know the pleasure of reading. trust me :)

i'msosupernotcool said...

man: kadang tak perlu motif bila menulis. tapi kau selalu.. haha

zara: i can see dat. err.. err..

jude: if u luv writing. its a fullstop. keep up..

lara: when i read. i did it with emotion. so when i found there's none. it kills. right there..

kino? sumday. sumday.. haha

| Larasephia | said...

okay, that make sense. yeah, someday. just so u know i dont mind if u show up wearing an ultraman mask or sumtin. ppl acknowledged how "mysterious" u are, anyway. haha :)

Anonymous said...

Agree with lara.
great writer do read a lot.
reading the world a lot too.
reading between the line.
reading between the life.

i do love reading.
but now. it get faded away.
my interest narrow to limited resources; thus now became hardly available.
then i stop reading.
or, should i say, stop serious reading.

i read blog.
i read papers. back news.
thats all.
thus, my knowledge limited.

but agree with you.
our enthusiasm to read killed when the emotion in reading killed.
but, we should keep random try; cause we never know where the diamond are.

same goes to yours.

i will never found this diamond writing if i stop looking around.

keep writing dude.
people enjoy easy reading; thus may mislead when they face the metaphor and complicated writing.
but for me, i love your writing as much as i love mine; and i enjoy every single entry.