They were born with less weight up and more weight down.

Let's say you got ten million dollars to give away to three different person.

One is whom you know will always be alongside you, through your ups and downs. Another one is whom you will consider a lil bit unusual, sometimes but still can be counting in handling something which you couldn't. Tolerate.

And the last one is a total known who can't understand even when you tell that A is for an apple and F is showing both of your middle finger.

A butt hurt, I called.


bukan penggoda said...

a butt hurt huh?


Judiene said...

is there any other meaning behind this??

i'msosupernotcool said...

jude: i was just saying.

Anonymous said...

I shall give it to the needs instead.

And the thing is, I'm in need.

| Larasephia | said...




I could HELP you to keep the rest of the money

all u gotta do is ASK, baby.


Lady Dyla said...

why should i give all the money..
its mine.. heheh