To keep the blue-collars flying high.

When government decided to hike up the salary of their servants, I am thinking that it might be another cheap politician craps practiced by them. It happens before, no? Now that we are so close with the next pilihanraya umum.

I previously and honestly thought it was only going to reflect those whom whom payment was insanely low. You know the likes of non-ranks soldier and the nursing peeps whom monthly income was merely a thousand. Or maybe some kindergarten teacher.

Not some fucking dickhead who make thousands per months by just attending meeting and another meeting. And then claimed on almost everything.

I got siblings and friends whose working hours finished as early as 1.30pm everyday. I watched how they start to plan for their future shortly after the bells rang. They need to attend an after-school tuitions to earn some cash. Become a land-car-house broker, an insurances agent, MLM, you name it.

They had to go to the bank to make loans to buy a fucking bike, to own a goddamn car and worse; to get marry.

One of the few reason is because the interests offered by the bank was superbly low and another is that they don't actually entitled for a big bonuses as those from the private sector would have enjoyed. But the main reason must be because they simply can't afford it;

The life.

Having said that, I can't stop but wondering how hard it must be for those who have no government supports on their backs? A fucking three digit per month salary, a two bedrooms PPR flat, three primary kids to feed on everyday, a full time housewife and another unborn in progress.

None of them care, don't they?

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