Life is wonderful.

Ah, the SPM result is out. No wonder those motivation-fucker can't stop laboring their magical words to the kiddos on their facebook. I'm giving mine too now, here.

Truth is, no biggies kiddos, because right after you graduate from your high school, with whatever result that you've managed - who fucking care of the A's? -, you can actually ended up in a local university considering that you are Malaysian by the certificate. Money shouldn't be a problem since we did have lots of certified ah long in this country.

They'll give you, let say, RM2200 per semester, sound good enough for you to renew your monthly BIS, a return bus fare to KL on every weekend and a pair of sneakers. You'll even got a meal allowance.

What you need to do is come to class, submitted some paper work, get to know some horny chicks, took a couples of 3gp clips for the memory, passed the final exam and graduated.

Then you'll jump into the working environment which is completely different from what you've previously taught in the university. Then only you realized that life's suck, you quit your job, become a government servant, got married and then, died happily.

Off course, some even died early.


♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

Reality is a bitch.
Life is suck.

SOme might say those after they realized that working life is not that lovely and regret why they not really focus on studies.

Ah, my student told me yesterday when she came to school for SPM's result. Currently working in KL. - "Susahnya nak dapat duit kan cikgu? RM 1000 sebulan lepas kerja 12 jam di kilang"

Now she know.

DilaDila said...

sebijik kena atas kepala T.T

Pisey said...

I can't help but noticing that several words here you typed them bigger than the others. Aku ingat mata aku rosak tahap gaban dah tadi.