K-men : First Class.

I don't give a damn.

I am from Pahang, the southern part of it. I've been living there for a couple of decade now. My mom and my elder sister was still there, enjoying their life. I've got lots of friend from Kuantan. From schoolmate to university classmate to a hi-hi-bye-bye-mate.

One of them is my diploma's classmate named Mohd Syazwan Karim. He is about five feet seven tall with a muscular body, big arms, a set of workout calves and a dark brown skin. All the characteristic that you would expect from a rugby player, nowadays.

But one thing I don't expect is him turning green the next time I made a joke about his love life. Or him joining the X-men.


si blogger kerek said...

xmen? haha..
harap2 dapat jumpa magneto.

Anonymous said...

Omg, we're from the same part?