How disastrous I am with money.

Previously on FTSNC,

I was planning on maintaining my account balance to this certain amount for every month, starting with my March's salary. To actually success on this matters is never easy. I need to keep my appearance at the nearby fashion shops as minimum as possible.

That is to say that I need to be attentive. I must plan of my cash flow on every breaths I am breathing. I must go for what I need rather for what I've wanted. And so I go with the plan.

I went to the golden triangle, fetched a beautiful watch with a considerable price for my girlfriend, it was her birthday, with my mom's coming. Everything and everything was according to my plan untill...


Now on FTSNC,

I was there again, in the heart of the golden triangle. My March's salary is just a week old. I withdrew the automated-teller-machine card from my wallet, slowly insert it into the slot and carefully key in the six digit combination numbers.

RM300? Good shit.

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