In one whole day, the only time that my handphone would be on the ringtone-mode is when I was having a long night sleep. That is for my girlfriend to wake me up; to make sure that I won't be late to either go to work or out with her for a dinner. But it's usually for the second reason.

No, then it should be on the silent mode, with a vibration and even on the weekends.

I don't enjoy ringtones and to bump with this short music airing from your outdated phone while I was in a fucking conversation or when we shared the same taxi is a fucking disturbing experience. A pain in the ass. Yes, my ass, off course.

Fuck you.

And this is from the bottom of the heart of an IPhone user.

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AJ Hanif said...

Hate me as much as you want; cause i may life in different world and have different set of thinking.


and actually; those difference may spark a better friendship in a way.

believe me?