Time is standing still.

I am not afraid to move on.

I really don't mind a new adventure but to get my ass shifted away from my comfort was the least that I prefer. There's a lot of times when I think myself as another boasted and stupid jerk, pretending that I was happy with all the setup I have around me.

I did and I think I am.

The fact that I am living in this unhappy environment with a smile on my face was pretty amazing. I guess I need time. We all need time, don't we?

That even to fall in love with a woman, requires time. You don't just passes a girl and fall in love. You'll take a few second to stare at her to realize that it's a love at your first sight.

All the gloomy morning, shitty tasks and late night work, I got used to it now.

Bring it on!!

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