A punk rock birthday wish.

I work with numbers; date, time and money during my eight hours at the office. For most of the minutes, I am either being sick looking at them numbers or maybe got myself confused by their complexity. But one good reason is that I suddenly became aware of the people around me. You know occasions like, my brother's wedding anniversary, my first time losing my virginity to even my ex's birthday.

Or so, I guess.

Today was another ordinary afternoon under the heat of March and and the cold of my office air conditioner. And I kept on smiling every time that I bumped into that number.


Happy birthday, mom. I love you so fucking much!!

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♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

It's really cool to have people who remember dates especially guys.

Or else, they'll use silly excuse - "Only girls remember lames thingy".