Off being a dickhead.

Beside love, ones level of patriotism is another thing that is considered as subjective.

I didn't really get along with all the nationalities issues played by those ultra-dickhead especially when it comes to football term. I mean to simply claim an individual as not being patriotic just because he didn't stand up during the national anthem was played, left before a match is finished or if they choose to air an abroad football league rather than the local match; is pure bullshit.

Lets say, if you were given two choices, that is to either fuck Maria Ozawa or Najwa Ampang, who would it be?

To whom will you surrender your dick to?


Larasephia said...

I would very much like to know your answer to that very question.

To whom will you surrender your dick to?

oh, and Najwa Ampang ; in case you're reading this, you're one lucky ass. I envy you.

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