Where heaven bents.

This is a very tired Saturday. On a new year's eve.

I got home late last night. Almost five. Spending hours with my colleagues celebrating the thousand notes that's been injected to our bank account at last. We spent it pretty well; six children tickets for Mission Impossible 4 and a three hours of screaming and scratching our lungs out session in Cheras.

I need this. A fake vacation but with a real friends.

Friends; ah a long story cumming short. We came from a society of which at the moment, care too much about their environment that they didn't want them to be different either in appearances or social behaviors or a way of thinking. And as any of these indifference is considered as disabilities, they laugh at it.

So I'll guess there'll be no celebration for me tonight. No. But if you do have one, please do care to put on some rubber.


h.a.n said...

have a nice day babe :) xoxo

Ali Azhar said...

Cici.rindu weh