In this 2012th, I plan to write a lil bit than the previous year. And I also think of putting some of my naked pictures apart from all the rumblings. Ah yes, I plan to let you know who the fuck is this i'msosupernotcool guy.

One, two, three.


shakinah said...

Omgg awak sape?! Cepat lah reveal, pat ahh. Ahax!

Mr.Clive said...

please,NOT a naked picture from u.

Larasephia said...


wicked teaser!

Anonymous said...


i'msosupernotcool said...

shax: 'pat ahh' pesyen bebudak pavilion ni gaye penulisan.

Anonymous said...

ahhh, cant wait to see how does this mysterious man behind ftsnc look like.

your fan.
i mean,your writing. hehe

Anonymous said...

and you in my mind......mmmmmmm cool!!


AJ Hanif said...

will you?


hey, 'lost for long' will never be same as 'gone'.

*smile* again.

as long as you do write, live up your life and agree for a cup of hi-tea (sometimes in future), then i revealing or not, doesnt really matter.

you will always you.
and the cool you.


by AJ Nismihan