For the win.

My housemate was pretty much admirable I should say. He is a multi-language dude who earn this alienated software qualification that contributed to his luxury salary at every end of the month. He recently going for the Japanese as his what, seventh or eight method of communicating.

I was so impressed with him until last Thursday when he decided to sell his laptop to this Pakistani.

During the negotiation and viewing session, at our house, he talks to this Pakistani fella about how difficult it is for the people like him to go and venture the industry that was controlled by other race. The likes of Low Yatt Plaza that pretty much a one-color-owned.

And the Pakistani's counters is for the win.

He answered of how the people of where he came from took over the likes of Masjid India from the Chinese. And he added on how another foreigner managed to venture and take control the IT business at Imbi Plaza; also previously a one-color-business.

With half of them didn't actually gain a legal work permit.


♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

Aha, Imbi Plaza.
That just remind me when those authorities raids those places.

AJ Hanif said...


maybe we are not fight enough to break the colour barrier?
fight too strong within our own backyard, and forgot that the main fighter field is out there.


let the other who realized the potential; gain as much as they can. and we are still there.
the same lame place.
we move a little bit.
thanks for the scholar money ya dude!

smile with local leader face.

HA HA (with slow HA and another slow HA)

dish said...

Rather than colour codings, maybe an alternate option is to politically see it as who "haves versus have nots."