A random post.

Give me a book to read and I'll fall asleep before you knew it.

I love to read but never as much as I like writing. I have a small chat with a writer friend few months back. He say in order to be a good writer, apart from the talent, you need to be a good reader. And being a good reader in his personal context is to read a lot.

I beg to differ. Although if you asked me to name one good writer who didn't read a lot, now, I am hundred percent sure that I will unable to do it. There's also an inquiry about me going for this book writing session. I declined it with an open arm. Without even bother give it a second thought.

I still am lacking of experiences, to write. Because in my personal opinion, to become a good writer, experience do count.

I imagined myself as a writer in the next eight to ten years. In a more proper media than this free blogspot.com. Of course. A sports bulletin or maybe a newspaper column, I don't mind, as long as there's a dateline to meet and there's a story to be shared.

Dateline, well that is adventure and sharing, yes , I think that is a better word to explain why I basically wrote. I want to share with my readers, the experience that I have been through so that they can accommodate it with their own.

If I write about how I ride my bike in a heavy rain, I must have expecting that any of my reader have gone through this before. Or maybe they will face it somewhere in the future. I wants the reader to then remember what he read and smile. Only that they might be riding a different brands of bike and they were at a different place.

But the experiences are one.

I want that to happen. Because writing is not only about hitting the keyboard and things, it's about sharing your very own story that might eventually encourage others to, well, smile.

And there is no justify button, here.


Dewajiwa said...

indeed. and that long-term goal, is just plain cool dude. smile inside-out after some reading, surely make the day.

xynophillious said...

i love reading then writing n i love read yours to..

Anonymous said...

i love your writings. but i can also instantly know that u're not a reader from yr writings. no obligation, im just one of yr blog's readers, so there's no need to explain why or how about it!

really, i love reading yr entries - worthy thoughts to ponder and interesting experiences to share... always make me smile.

but what i love most, right from the beginning i became yr reader or yr fan, rather, are the catchy titles of yr entries. some, i just can't relate the titles with yr story but nice... that's all i can say.

errr am i supposed to read them in between the lines? which i'm not good at!

hey, i'll be yr no. 1 reader to the columns u'd be writing in 8 or 10 years time, for sure!


Sir Pök Déng said...

Google is a powerful tool.

Kindly search names of prominent writers and do some research about them. Copy and paste their brainy quotes into your draft post and relate them to your life experience. Once published, readers will know that you're an avid book reader. You will look smart too. It's simple.

I did this a few times. Salman Rushdie, Hemingway, Paulo Coelho (King of wise quotes); there are all my victims.

ek eles information blog said...

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