Rules # 6: Coffee and tea.

You can't do nothing but to survive the differences between you and the world.

There's a lots of time that I found my friend's craziness towards Onitsuka Tiger is such a waste of taste. For me to sacrifice that amount of money for something that you can actually find thousands of it on display at the night market, never mind the authentication, well, that's purely illogical. But never did I threw a god-damn word.

I was watching Songlap the other day. The first Malay movie that, to be honest, gotten me excited up until the very end. I was never this eager to reach the end of a movie before. A Malay movie for god sake. I was anticipating the next scene and at every time that I thought I knew how it's going to end, I was proven wrong.

As an avid guy who loves to share thing with others, I told few friends of how exciting the movie is. Only to add to my disappointment since most of them were still in the moods for Adnan Sempit and Kongsi.

And I'll go for neither of that.

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