Middle fingers to the sky if you don't like the reply.

I've bumped into situations where I felt like god was so harsh on deciding my character path that if I have those abilities required, I would go and look for the Epirus Bow and unleash all the titans from the Mount Tartaros. And revenged god.

What's stopping me from doing this is the fact that life isn't all about being good and perfect. It's about living.

For me, to blame god on all the difficulties that you've been faced with is very much tolerable. But still it won't change any fact that you will be stuck with it unless you find yourself an adequate and logical solution to it.

What did I missed? No fucking thing, no?

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Sir Pök Déng said...

Life as a Muslim is like maintaining a wooden Malay house. It needs to have a very strong foundation to make it stand still and will never collapse. As a precaution of upcoming harsh flood, it was built on stilts. Those stilts should be very strong enough to sustain the above parts.

Foundation is 'faith'. In civil engineering, doing a foundation for constructing a building is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time to finish. Engineers learn how to make foundation. The know-how won't simply come just like that. They don't learn only from books. They have lecturers showing what is right, what is wrong.

And the stilts of the house is like our ibadah. It makes the traditional Malay house taller than those whose floor are built on ground.

This is the traditional way. Or you may say "orthodox" if you want to sound educated.

Imagine God as a true blue Malay man who wants a traditional Malay house with traditional elements, traditional to the core. HE doesn't want to choose the one that I described above. He choose those with unique ornaments, those with finely chiseled wooden carvings of Malay elements all over the gable. These are the extra works applied to the house to make it beautiful.

The true blue Malay man is pleased with what he sees before his naked eyes. And he is willing to pay extra to own that kind of house.