Better day.

I write my first song back in 2002, when I was in form four.

Yes, it was in English and it was about a stupid boy and a pretty girl whom he bumped into every morning while waiting for the bus. The smiles and the morning coldness that they both shared, the arguments and the tears that they shed, the dreams; I turn it all into a song.

I create the melody, write the lyrics but never have I succeed with the musical part. That's pretty much because I didn't fucking know of how to work a fucking musical instruments. Up until now.

Just few minutes ago, I saw this girl profile on facebook. I remember her name on the performer's list during the book launching event, months back. I didn't watch her performances, thought.

If there is any case that she read this, just so that she know that if she was in need of a material, I have this nine-years-old-masterpiece that I hold for long enough.

And no, it wasn't a punk song.


AJ Hanif said...

you need no music instrument dude.
just humming away the sound and you-tube it.
people don't really care about your music as long as you tend to have marketable face and smile.
that should be enough.

i mean.
that 'may' be enough.

i dont mean your song are not great.
but you can turn it be a greater deal by play trick here and there.

i am kidding.

"Why so serios?"


jo said...

I've wrote few songs..but faced the same problem with u..buta alat muzik.