Rules #5 : A stranger's death.

The last time when someone make a fucking review about this blog, he ask me to show my appreciation towards my readers. I read it quite a few times to figure out what does it mean by this 'appreciate the readers' term.

Maybe I need to reply to their comments. Or visit their blog back and stamp that appreciation shit on their blog; sounds stupid enough when I don't even give a damn read of what they fucking write.

Truth is I don't care.

I didn't get paid for writing this shit so I don't have any time to waste going for your shit and read. This blog, it didn't have an expiry date. It dies when I want it to be. When I died. Tomorrow, next week, next month, who give a damn.

And the readers, they came and go.

I've placed a list of blog that I do prefer to read here. Some of which I haven't step in for quite sometime.


Ajuhanif said...

There are ways of appreciation and we are in free world to apply any we prefer for.
And complaint for others who do their way in which differ from what we are prefer for is plain mistake.


i read your blog cause i love the way words and thought are twisted here; and that should be great in many ways.

and i drop comment when i believe i can add something on top of what are freely written here.

and you know what; by knowing you read this comment, i already feel appreciated.

are you really read this comment?
of course you are.
If not, then you will not smile weirdly like that rite?

HA HA HA *sinically*


and hey dude, 'you' are doing fine there, but you should not rely to much on Kapten Marvel, cause you will know the consequence. My Reds not rely on him too much these day.


Amar Alis said...

kita bukan sesiapa. so, tak perlu la nak beri appreciation kat sapa2.

♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

Readers come and go, but some still loyal and read. That's what they might mean as (how I tried to be positive here)


But again, they have this kind of tendency as traffic hunter, they dropped comment w/o concern (and read) on whatever we write, they left some shitty links so that we can click (which I usually don't) and the epic statements >>> "I followed U, U must follow me back to. If not, U are a snobby blogger"

Do I seems care?
I read whatever I want.
Something that satisfied me.