Keep holding on.

My trainer said that at some point of life, we need to let go all the feelings or secret that we hold inside. Cry, laugh, curse or do whatever necessary.

Share it. Because this will somehow help us to feel better. That our life will never be haunted by this 'feeling' again. That we won't have it presence all around us where ever we go.

"How can you go forward if you can't let go of your past?" He said.

I beg to differ.

I had too many of this sorrow story that if I decided to make a movie out of it, I'll sure beat the likes of Ziela Jalil bare-handed. But did I share it with others? No. Do I have this 'feeling' presence around me when I'm with my friends?

Well, maybe.

But I prefer to take one thing at a time. And I rarely turn my head back. That is how I survive.


Jasmeen said...


Ajuhanif said...

You know what.

At some point, you will found that you release all the pain of life unintentionally to some stranger while wait for the pour rain stop their routine at late night; after watching superb-bored-pasive-football-game with some guy who don't even know how to prononce spell koscielny name.

it just come out, without proper plot for anybody rewrite them as script.

and of course, this is one off and rare.


i just say that above all, we are just a poor guy that need others to stay survive.


there will always different between survivor and bimbo in real life!