Signs were shown. Lots. I just can't see it..

When was the last time you said to yourself that you want to change? From bad to good, off course.

For example you just cheat in your final exam when guilt feeling wash thorough you and you start to think to never ever do that thing again. You think you should be honest to yourself. But then?

Or you've done a bad thing and you really regret it. You promised yourself that you will never repeating that same mistake. And three days later you were back into this conflict yet again.


Last entry was a hell of metaphoric. But it's never a real one. It was something that played in my mind. And I just write it. What exactly I'm trying to say is "Gua pun cakap tak serupa bikin". Darn simple.

By the way thanks to Lumut for that lovely prizes. Really appreciates it. We met during the PLORE event held at Pasar Seni yesterday. Lots of bloggers came. Me as usual play hide and seek. Want to publish it here but my Nokia 3310 camera wasn't working.

Oh. I remember Lumut says "Kau lain la dari apa yang aku expect". Didn't really know what's that suppose to mean actually. Lol.

My english blogging teacher started to mark my entry recently. So I have to write with a dictionary and an english grammar book in my hand after this. Wattafuck?

Get a life dude.


chokio_nia said...

wut was dat suppose to mean??hurmmm..i wonder..huhu

ur apperance kot..

hisham said...

salam..yr blogging time..haha..so from now on yr teacher will observe u n i think u should be careful with yr language ..hahaha..
~aku ingat aku je camera rosak ..ko pun same..hehehe........tk cre bro.

hisham said...

bro..arsenal menanglah...hahahahaha.

Koyuki said...

saya suka main sembunyi sembunyi

Mr.Clive said...

i do that all the time!lol

MuHaMMaD86 said...
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~@k1 is @utuMn!~ said...

dude r u ok?
wht da heck is exactly across ur mind??

ezzati said...

Ala..tingin nk tgk muka ko.. :)

p/s:I just join technically write courses..Baru aku prasan aku byk gila buat grammar mistake..hehe..

iyllienaz said...

haha..anonymous yg mark entry ko gile rajen betolkan..tp nk gak tgok blog dye..

bell nabila said...

haha..of coz la ur hp camera doesnt working..pkai hp 3310 ade plak kamera...=p and really im facing the same situation which repeating the same mistake and yet regret then..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

People make self resolutions every few seconds they're breathing.The I-want-to-be-good is like the most common resolution one could make.And if you couldn't (just yet) that doesn't mean you'll end up a failure for the rest of your life. We'll ALWAYS wake up the next morning and plant another resolution. Its that simple, no?

I guess, as a writer, it is really OK to be "cakap tak serupa bikin" sometimes..at least if we failed to practice what we preach, others may succeed,they're changed.Thanks to you,then. You've done great deeds in a way.Aint that just gloriously flattering? :)

well...I've been observed (stalked) by my lecturers like forever. Some of them did confessed (out loud) to me that they did, but others remain silence. As if I dint know already wth they were. hahahaaa

when they (the lcturers) 1st told me that they were reading and will be reading my blog from time to time, I felt the very same thing; omg, I should be extra careful with grammar n stuffs from now on..so I equipped myself with dictionary and make Wikipedia my homepage. BUT, there's a deadly consequence to this.

after a few days ( of trying/struggling/pretending/faking) to be ever so flawless writer, my writing sucks big time. I made even mooooore obvious+ oblivious errors/mistakes in my writings simply because I felt all tensed up! ya lah.. I became so nervous every time I tried to type something coz the thoughts of " my lecturers will check this out and condemn me for all the "handicapped" contains" Not that I hate/despised being condemned. I believe when I was condemned, I'll be a better person. but these people who were condemning were my lecturers. for some (weird) reasons, I couldn't tolerate THAT!!

Anyway, after a month, things got better. Like..a lot better. I started to feel "worthy" and
"exposed" compared to my other course mates because my lecturers kept pointed me out for my abilities to write " good reading materials" - so they said.Oh,that made me so fucking proud!

and! I am a better writer/blogger ever since.

woaahhhh..this's like..the longest comment ever, no? please noted that U don't really have to publish this crap anyway. I just thought I'd share it with you. so, forgive me for ..errrhhh.. " melalut-lalut" hehehe :P

*the way you refused to reveal your 'outer appearances' make you even cooler,or so I thought' ;)


Cik Dila said...

untuk melakukan perubahan perlu keazaman yang tinggi..ehe..same r.aku pon tobat2..asyik kantoi je..

miEz haNeM said...

aku syak ko balik cepat..
sebab aku tak sempat nak tegor ko:)

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

sape english teacher? huhu

macha_sezs said...

gilalah. laraspehia patut buat entry dengan komen dia.


aku lebih prefer jadi silent reader untuk ko.

dan aku hanya jadi silent reader untuk orang2 yang aku rasa hebat.


natra md.nor said...

u have english blogging teacher?? Cool.. Guess u better watch out ur lang.from now on..

hans said...

tgok komen hisham then aku rasa ko supporters liverpool ekk?
kalau macam tu sama lah
hurm,ari2 aku always think want to change my life became more better than yesterday tapi sometime ada yg berjaya n ada yg x

Wanie-san said...

laen org laen pandangan nye...=]

Judiene said...

i think i know what Lumut trying to say
maybe before you guys met, he picture you as someone like, you know, what he think at that time la
then you came, and his thought was wrong
so that's why he says what he said

Anonymous said...

janji paham~
ape mau kisah~

enjoy your life lor~

fifi kata dia knal you~
scandal la ya'll ni

kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

yeah,get a life..
enjoy the little thing...

humaira hadzarami said...

haha, gila annoying ur english blogging teacher tu.

dah la anonymous, tau takut tunjuk muka. get a life ye annon.

fitriah said...

haha god, that english teacher scares me! i make a lot of grammatical errors. like seriously. hehe

fitriah said...

btw, i love ur blog.

h.a.n said...

lastnite :)

Daffodil D said...

Or you've done a bad thing and you really regret it. You promised yourself that you will never repeating that same mistake. And three days later you were back into this conflict yet again.

ah, terasa sudah. noktah.

cinta lea ixora said...

waaa.. u already got the prize..?
what was that..??
hm.. ruginye xdpt jumpe lumut ;(

Anonymous said...

malang sekali aku x jumpa ko
wei aku dan hisham ada plan
all men n one matured woman only
only simple2 blogger
just 5 of us (including u) maybe
ko drop no handphone kat email ku

~pendekgemukbertompok.~ said...

it's nice to see some honest and worth-reading-entries,nice blog!

and yes i myself do that all the time,doing stupid things, wanting and promising myself i would change, but never did...if only change is as easy as it sounds~


shakinah said...

br 1 minit lepas

YobSumo said...

larasphia! woooohoooo!

i'msosupernotcool said...

better ask lumut..

arsenal win?
dats why i cant stop smiling..

me too..
hide with the intention of not being found..

we're just human..

~@k1 is @utuMn!~:
i'm ok babe..
it just anther monday blues..

i'msosupernotcool said...

u probly run when u see me..

tu la..
tp ok la..
at least dia tegor pe yg salah..
bnyk lg aku kne blajr..

bell nabila:
glad u noticed..
we r just human..
nobodys perfect..

dats the longest ever comment i ever recieved..

no worry..
i publish all my comment..
i accept all the critics n complimet..
n lookin forward for it..

i think hiding behind this hoodie was makin me hot..

Cik Dila:
at least u try..
kn org ckp bile kita niat nk buat baik je da dpt pahale..
tp asek niat je x guma gak..

i'msosupernotcool said...

miEz haNeM:
aku kerja la..
x dpt nk stay smp abes..

░♥si lampu neon♥░:
cikgu tanpa nama..

komen larasephia mmg pnjg..

aku same la macm kau..
pembaca senyap..
thx bro..

natra md.nor:
unofficial one..
i bet SHe wil tell my mom the next time i say F word..

no way dude..
i'm a gooner boys..
n alwys will be..

i'msosupernotcool said...

memang x syak lagik..

no wnder..
myb he fancy me as hndsome as Robbie Patty..

kan? kan?

me n fifi was nothin but an xskoolmate..

enjoy the little thing?
dat rule no bpe ek?
x ingat..
bill murray rocksss!!

humaira hadzarami:
dia tegor je tuh..
i yg cpat melatah kot..

i'msosupernotcool said...

i luv urs too..
keep up..


Daffodil D:
x sngaje..

cinta lea ixora:
n its nice one..

ah fatt:
ni yang aku segan nih..
sape one matured woman tu?

i'msosupernotcool said...

thx for the compliment babe..

yup if only its easy as it sounds..

but theres nothin wrong with tryin?

so keep tryin..

kau memang..

berkenan ke yob?
t aku ejas..

kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

hell yeah u remember that fucking movie! hahahah...

rule no. err...i pun tak ingt..hehehe..

Anonymous said...

tahapehape menggelabah. dah memang grammar lu salah. admit je la mistake and try to fix it later. bongok!

h.a.n said...

r u noe kain buruk?

i'msosupernotcool said...

off course i remmber..
jst watch it..

owh.. thx dtg sudi menjengah..
i mngelabah lbey kot..
i mmg camni..
n i admit my mistake..

myb u x sempat nk log in ur acc..
dats y use anonymouse..
or myb u xde acc..
myb juga u xde blog nk link..

thx anyway for dat bongok..
please come again..

kain buruk?

pisey said...

aha.nak pergi tanya lumut lah!

takpun aku jumpa kau terus.

seroja jingga said...

lu kacak lah tuh..ha kan? kacak kan?

Dak Wan said...

Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters
Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know
But I know...

- Nothing Else Matters, Metallica

i'msosupernotcool said...

tanya lumut..
beritahu aku..

seroja jingga:
mana mungkin..
mana mungkin..

Dak Wan:
nothin else matters..

i never care for wat they do..
nver care for what they know..

Noorlaila Mohamed Nor said...

baru je tadi cakap
nak insaf konon
nak jadi rajin
tapi sekarang dah malas

syue anak mustaffa said...

dari hari tu nak komen entry ni tapi lupa. errr, opinion aku kan, tak salah anonymous tu tegur. cara dia tegur je yg salah. cuba baca entry aku yang ni


ok tu je. haha