I do prefer a virgin even if I'm not.

Have you prepare your new year wish list? All the thing you want to-have and to-do in 2010. You are so lucky because I'm sharing mine today.

Let's start with what I want to have?

First of all, I'm thinking of finding myself a black leather jacket and black slim-fit trouser. Also equipping myself with one or two rockett t-shirt. Or badger at least. And I found this shiroi neko things. Impressive as well.

I browsed thorough my drawer. Owh this shirt. This one is three years old already. And this pants too. It's outdated. No body's wear a wash-out-and-tear jeans anymore. I should get a new one. The one on displays at dior boutique really catches my eyes.

And my wallet. My shoes. My handphones. Or maybe I should get a new friends too?


We human, always love the new things.


Another monday blues. It's my off day and I'm totally out of words. Got a few ideas reels in mind but too tired to compose it. So I just make this entry. A quick one. Beside new year is just around the corner.

The whole weekend was like hell. Busy. Tired. It hurts me, for not able to do the daily blogwalking and reply your comments. Really sorry.

But after all it's just me being me.



miEz haNeM said...

i like it!!

U ROcK bro!

kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

you go dude!!

i have the wish list too,same as yours..but,err..heheh..

just be yourself then..and oww,mybe you should put finding a new mate on your list?hahaha..

husna hadzarami said...
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husna hadzarami said...

hey, i think u really need to take a break, have a good rest..
u have a good sense in fashion btw :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, we should reward ourself with 'something' every time we achieve something.
Tak payah tunggu taun baru. Janji hidup kena terus.
Jacket Kulit hitaM? sound interesting for my own list :)
Anyway, all the best year ahead!

Judiene said...

hmm, your entry got me thinking of my list-to-do and list-i-want in 2010 coz i haven't make any.
sounds like blur opening of new year already

fitriah said...

aaaaa i don't have any list to do or list i want. in fact i never have. is that weird?

kawie2020 said...

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

pisey said...

ak mls pk.ko tlg pk ah list2 utk ak.tlg eh.

manusia suka benda baru.tapi selesa dengan familiarity.

well,being human.
biasalah tu.


seroja jingga said...

i dun prepare anything for new year..
maybe same as urs..my hell week too..
good rest man

seroja jingga said...

i dun prepare anything for new year..
maybe same as urs..my hell week too..
good rest man

humaira hadzarami said...

sy jumpe this one black leather jacket kt zara hari tu.. fuhh. gile semmat.

ok, berguna kan cmment sy ni?

f.a.r.a.h said...

hey dude. take a break and enjoy ur new year eve. ;) anyway, the above are ur to-do-list or ur wish list? haha. ;p

Fza.ithu.Zazha said...

finally being able to view ur blog.
i just pay my brodben bill. haha.

happy new year dude! :D

h.a.n said...

my wish list
to get my own d90 dslr ;)

anN said...

hye! plz vote me kat


no.3 ANNURAIN tq!

faiq said...

huh..find me ori "the beattle" shirt..yeah

Dak Wan said...

"Nafsu" can't never be satisfied, it can only be control by a strong will.

Cik Bumble bee said...

catch what ever yOu want.. make it real!

Fyzal said...

virgin is nice.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

wishlist aku pnjg sgt.lenguh nak listkan satu2


MissA said...

dah shoping blum haha

Razman said...

juz 1 wish. another 1 month break.

p/s: 10 to go dude..haha

Ries Lee said...

dreesing kau mesti gempak kan.

Rowena Chasez said...

happy new year in advance!

Anonymous said...

We humans, always love the new things to make old shitty life looks/feels better. we, humans sometimes are clueless AND pathetic

HAPPY (you don't know this for sure just yet aint u? remind me to say it again by the end of dcember 2010) NEW YEAR