Choosy : No wonder.

Ok. This is a true life time confession.

I don't eat kuey teow so I don't enjoy wandered around looking for the best char kuey teow in town. I won't mind follow but make sure the restaurant offer other foods on it's menu lists.

This is bad news for my family too especially my mom. She has to cook two different meals when kuey teow is one of it. Thanks mom.

I also don't eat petai. If my mom included petai in her sambal udang, I'll then try my very best to separate it. Tempoyak was another meal on my no-no-list. Same goes with budu, cencaluk and tempe.

But I loves durians so much. I love woke up early in the morning searching for the fallen durians.

I first drink horlick when I was in secondary school. I puked for no reasonable reason. I stop drink it till now. Can't even stand the smell of it. Still.

I tell all this story to a girl before. And she was like "Whoa. You should be grateful for all the thing you've got."

Actually it's not about being ungrateful. It's about truth. It's how I speak for myself.

Or maybe I'm a choosy freak. Too choosy I think.

I select everything that relates to my life. From foods to clothes to even friends. Girlfriend too. No wonder I still have the 'S' status tattooed to my fucking forehead. Damn.

By the way, I rather choose live in this fake 'dreams' than saying 'goodbye'.


aZizoL said...

gud 2 b true..b ur self

avid gunner said...

horlicks is so so good.
btw, u r not a freak for being selective in certain things.
it's perfectly natural.

iyllienaz said...

S status??haha..me as well..but i prefer horlicks rather than nescafe n teh tarik..

kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

Yeah,life is about chasing dream,was it..?
sumtime we have to be choosy or should i say fussy at time..
a right to choose!

and oww,we share the same fucking status..hahahaah...

what a life...:)

chah~ said...

uhuhuuu.. u're not toooo choosy actually.. my bro did more thn u did. haha. he doesn't eat fruits except rambutan. he only eat nasi with ayam. no ayam, no nasi.. even it is telur ayam, it's ok with him. as long as it is called AYAM.. hahhah

Fza.ithu.Zazha said...

too many 'forbidden' foods for your tummy.
nvermind, as long as u enjoy the foods that u loves, that should be fine. hehe..

but bear in mind, do not be too choosy in some important circumstance.
well,that situation actually reduces the number of choices that u has. hihuhihu~ :)

Anonymous said...

jangan choosy2 nanti melepas
pasal makanan tu sebab badan ko x dapat terima tak perlah

Koyuki said...

tak ada masalah jd choosy

macha_sezs said...

that was...err...some big talk for tuesday dude.

I prefer beeing a bimbo.

jangan susah2kan kepala boleh tak bang?


wat the fucking crap i'm rambling~

Hisham said...

bro oh bro...hv u try b4 the tmpoyak,budu or petai??..hehe..bestla bro..demi allah mmg best...k la bro,everybody hv their own favorites..tk cre

enuLwanie said...

lepas dh lalui kehidupan couple, i think single is much much better for me.
xde sape nk halang dr wt pape yg i suka.

setiap org ada mcm2 do and don't list yg tersendiri.
i pun tak leh mkn tempe as i told u in my blog.
so, bukan sbb grateful or not,it's all about tekak n lidah yg merasa.

i really miss tempoyak n ikan bakar cicah air asam..

{lumut} said...

tempotak is the best!!!!hehe..

Razman said...

merujuk kepada komen lumut di ats..tempotak tu tempoyak in english ke? xpnah dgr..haha

Wanie-san said...

jap2!!hang ni org ipoh ka??byk sgt benda yg xmakan..same jew ngan kwn aku!!ko makan ikan x?

a.t.O.k.c.o.0.L said...

muahahaha.sori sbb nak gelak gak.bukan sbb entri nih tapi sbb komen razman kepada lumut.wakaka.sengal nye makhluk tersebut.hahaha xD

btw, aku pon x mkn semua yg ko list kn.plus belacan.plus jering.rebung juga.peria pon sama.sekian.

Arief Arf said...

you missed a lot of things by not eating those..
these delicacies are exotic la bro..

but nvm, i'll eat for you..
if ur mom cooks kueytiau or sambal petai, make sure to call me aight?


bell nabila said...

kueh tiew is heaven la..knp xmakan..ish3...(mcm iklan i talk)ish3...hahaha..

MissA said...

i love horlick (iklan) haha..
ok, back to the comment..
when i first told my friends i didnt eat cheese, mayonis, even ribena, they went like "whoa"? why?? and it's hard to tell cz they thought i memang mengada- ngada..but then, it's my life. they can't force me to eat or drink those i dont want to..

choosy? me too..but who am i kidding? darn, they should be worried about their life rather than mine..

shakinah said...

budu?cencaluk?ape tu?


YobSumo said...

i don't eat petai too.

i hate coffee.

there's no problem being "s".

let's find someone for 2010 nak?

no no to Ah Fatt :p

chokio_nia said...

i eat no petai, cencaluk and tempoyak..but i luv durian..=)

aiya..it´s been long long tme ago since last i ate durian..can u post some 4 me??plisss..

suzy said...



too choosy in ur food okay lah..
as long as u jg diri...

too choosy in life partner is too bad..hahaha...

kawie2020 said...

i love petai, tempoyak, budu and all tradition dishes...

Seha Haris said...

I'm choosy like u too. Because i can't eat seafood n egg. It will cause me allergies! damn! but still, we are in the same team. not eating petai n cencalok. sepp sikit lah bro! ;)

pencubit said...

itu memang diri kau;
nak buat macam mana lagi.

who knows you might find someone worth changing even yourself?
or someone yang accept you with all you got?

i'msosupernotcool said...

i'll be..
myself.. off coz..

avid gunner:
i'm just not into it..
addicted to caffeine..

yeah i'm not..

nescafe alwys rock my world..

wat a life?

gud to hear dat i have sum1 in common..

i'msosupernotcool said...

wat situation?
i choose too..

ah fatt:
bunga byk fatt..
i want to find the kind dat have share the same thing wif me..


no it so small..
i prefer being bimbo too..

yup.. right to choose..

Dak Wan said...

Man.... it's your life. Choose and choose carefully, unless u wanna live in regrets later.

i'msosupernotcool said...

there's u do n dont in life..
am in aite?


no wonder lumut u so damn much..

org phg..

ikan aku mkn la..

ko lagi xtreme la dr aku..

i'msosupernotcool said...

Arief Arf:
i will..

bell nabila:
it mean i alredi missed one..
need to find anther then..

dat wat fren for..
care for each other..

but still its our choice rite?

purak2 xtau..

i'm gonna find not one but 3..

i was jst thinkin bout fatt..

i'msosupernotcool said...

i'll emel some for u..

when will u coming back to malaysia?

i bet u choose ur boy too aite?
then its not bad..

i shud learn from u..

Seha Haris:
dat was another point..

high five!!

i think i prefer accepter than a changer..

Dak Wan:
u r rite..
its ma choice..
sure i wont regret it now..
later mybe..

fitriah said...

i could eat all the available food on earth. no kidding.

im an eater. hee

i'msosupernotcool said...

u eat soul too??

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

gila choosy. YOU MUST EAT WHAT I EAT

i'msosupernotcool said...

why? why?

humaira hadzarami said...

nvm, i dont eat mayo. bcse i throw up when i ate it fr the 1st tyme. act, that's bcse some other reason, but still, i'm eating mayo at that moment. yeww, sebut name die pon nak muntah.