I'm so not good at breaking heart. Do forgive me.

Well yesterday was a hell of a day. I was so damn tired. Back home around five. I was thinking of doing an entry about love, instead I finished my morning dreaming in front of my lap top. So I failed to make any entry yesterday. Which mean failed to make you guys think again. Lol.

The whole week was quite messy actually. I missed this gathering handle by this nice friends of mine. And failed to get this chick a movie ticket. Duh. Did I feel guilty? Yes I am. I just rang the "sorry song" again and again. Gave them my very best reasons and excuses.

Oh. I know they gonna forgive me. Let just forget about it.

But this one un-ignored feeling really bothered me.

We always think that this person used the sorry word as an escapade for all the mess they've made. Okay. Not we. Just me. I always, always do that. Why?

That's because I rarely experience that other side. The guilt side off course. I do be on that side for sometime. But it just not enough to teach me how haunted it is to utter this cheap word.

Do you think a guy who dumped a girl (whom he shared a plenty of sweet, great, happy time together) can just continue his life happily ever after, with saying sorry? Vice-versa. Or do you think a father who failed to provide enough foods for his family can sleep well at night after saying sorry to his wife?

They never do if they really mean it.


I should try this myself. The dump part. Haha.


Lady Dyla said...

sumthing sorry can repair everything... but most of the times sorry can mean nothing...

~ narissa ~ said...

~ erkk..!
~ dlm paler nk tulih sumtin..tp cam takleh nk kuarkan kat sini..tak tau nape..

Cik Bumble bee said...

klau maaf mmpu settle kan semua. Tak perlu ada undang2 dlm dunia~ huhuhuhuhuu

seroja jingga said...

sometimes..no one wl understand our soul.certain guy..they still can go on with their life dude!.pretend mcm tade bende je jadikan..

dunt do the dump part lah..haiyahhh very bad maaaa

~@k1 is @utuMn!~ said...

sorry seem to be the hardest word for u??
correct or not??
mamat kewl~
i like u la!

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

hurm..buat pilihan yang terbaik ok.

Dak Wan said...

Sorry to feed a child? Most probably, failure to plan = plan for failure, do the best and do be prepared for failure.

Sorry when something is wrong? Just a gimmick for weakling.

f.a.r.a.h said...

dude, come on la. same kot kite nih. ;p sometimes sorry can change everything. but in order 2 change everything, it shud be d sincere 1 la kan. if just said "sorry" tapi x mean it pon, nak buat ape. ;)

have a gud day! ;p

husna hadzarami said...

the sorry word should comes with an effort to make good of the thing he/she was sorry about.

eg.: A pinjam barang B tapi A dah rosakkan barang tersebut. Adakah cukup sekadar say sorry? Nope. A perlu la repair/ganti barang tu.


MuHaMMaD86 said...
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MuHaMMaD86 said...

sorry seem to be the simplest word...

for me...klu kita buat salah...semestinya perkataan maaf 2 perlu coz dosa antra manusia kn,kna mnta ampun dr dia but...the most importance thing is we learnt from the past..dont do it again and again

once u say sorry...mgkn blh dimaafkn
but if u say it so many times....nobody wont trust u

ezzati said...

laki cmtu la

zella said...

xpelah... next time jgn notty2 lg...

kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

who in your mind that you want to dump to..? heheh..

well,at least they tried to say sory instead of letting it be. sometime guys are full of ego..

but then again,if they dont sorry,they will experience the holly~shit life ever of guilty..

[UUuu..i loikes when them felt guilty off me..! yikess.!]


Daffodil D said...

well, sorry is not a ticket untuk u lepaskan diri. i believe its only a way to show ur courtesy after u dah made any mistake/cant fulfill needs to the one u love.

~hAti bErgEL0jaK!~ said...

aku kan...
susah nak say sorry...
lagi teruk kot dr ko...
tapi yeah!lepas tu memg akan feel guilty amat ahhh..
and say sorry bukanlah way to escape..
the other party really will feel much better with the word sorry i guess

kawie2020 said...

Play fair. Don’t hit people. Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody.

Cik Dila said...

kadang2 sy mintak maaf ngn kawan2 supaya mereka tak salahkan saya..hehe..but still cant escape from the guilty feeling.

Wanie-san said...

hanya dgn 'sorry' perkara besar dapat diselesaikan wpon org yg xb'salah yg kata 'sorry'..

BuLaN iTu aKu said...

till now i still dunno ur gender.. boy or gurl.. im sorry.. tapi tak kisah la ape jantina kamu..
kamu tetap punya hati dan perasaan dalam bercinta..
just say sorry.. semua org buat salah kan

Anonymous said...

No one wish to live in guilt. But sometimes people tend to overreacted over some silly things.

You shouldn't say sorry if you don't really feel sorry. But most people do it anyway. Its like 1 of the most common + essential thing to do for the sake of good/healthy human communication/r/ship. Hypocrisy strikes every sec. *sigh*

you don't seem like a man who is easily bothered,(to me lah..) but if you did ( feel bothered) over some particular stuffs, that means, YOU DO CARE of/for that..er..thing/person

the way people treated us , be it positively or negatively, teach us how haunted yet so overused it is for us to utter that cheap word.

Ive dumped a plenty. and I said sorry( AND! really meant it) for only 2 exceptional cases among a whole lot of it) I guess I'm a natural heartbreaker after all..hey!you should hire me to tutor you already!:P

Anonymous said...

and!!!!!!!kawie2020 is such a decent man. I'm in awe.--> :O

h.a.n said...

s o r r y...
u can spell it :)

hisham said...

refer to the larasephia...sometimes we need to say sori even thought we not intend 2..(hypocrite)
~even the prophet 4give his fllowers what else human being like us...

Koyuki said...

saya tak suka perkataan 'maaf'.
terlalu mudah

shakinah said...
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fitriah said...

sorry is not the cheap word. we make it cheap.

shakinah said...


your best reason ; sorry weh. aku baru bangun tido.

hahahaa. ok ok. tarahal. lupekan.

natra md.nor said...

I had to read twice to get the meaning of ur entry..
If u want to try the dump part, if I were the girl, I should consider myself lucky.. At least u say the sorry even though u don't really mean it.
It's either that or u just WALK AWAY. Gosh I hate that word!

cik peah said...

sorry is a magic word but it seems to be the hardest word..

imHepPie said...

jgn dump aku sudey

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

sorry sometimes is a joke.
people say it but it means nothing.
it's a word to buy people heart~

bell nabila said...

if u really insist to dump someone why shud you regret and feel sorry for them.kan2..(jahatnyer aku)

ada orang penah cakap kat aku sorry means nothing.yang tuh aku setuju if that someone keep apologize but repeating it again and again..sorry naik lori ar..

dewajiwa said...
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dewajiwa said...

kalau selalu menjangkakan sesuatu terlalu tinggi, kecewanya memang tak tertanggung. jadi, jangkakan yang biasa2 sudah. kalau kecewa pun, tak luak=)

avid gunner said...

i just love the part where a hot chick have just broke up with her bf and me saying "aww...i's sorry.."

then, they naively falls for me and it is on! haha..

forget it. it's a wild fantasy of mine.

cikmemy said...

omak aku cakap : hari2 minx maaf pon x gune lau esok2 buat lagi..


Anonymous said...

the dump part
aku pun x pernah buat

MissA said...

if what goes around comes around, then i wont dare to dump someone hahaha

i'msosupernotcool said...

Lady Dyla:
try be on the guilt side..
n say this..
"sorry mean nothing"

~ narissa ~:
xyah tulis..

Cik Bumble bee:

seroja jingga:
yg tu mmg truk..
tp x sume kan?

~@k1 is @utuMn!~:
gila mengada aku nih..

i'msosupernotcool said...

░♥si lampu neon♥░:

Dak Wan:
try be on the guilt side..
say sorry n then they say:
"ur sorry is just a gimmick for weakling"

sorry is a sorry..
its asking for forgiveness..
nothin else..

husna hadzarami:
it wasnt just dat..
its how A felt when B didnt accept his sorry..
got it?

we're close to perfect if we made only one mistke..
come on..
u noe btter..

i'msosupernotcool said...

girls too..

no i won't..

dats y its hard for them to say sorry..
no wnder..

Daffodil D:
u r rite..

~hAti bErgEL0jaK!~:
kalau kau say sori but org x accept..
itu lagi menyeksakan aku rasa..

i'msosupernotcool said...

sum just luv to hit n run..

Cik Dila:
dats wat i mean..
u say sorry..
but the guilt is there..

x juga..

BuLaN iTu aKu:
its not all bout luv my dear..
its bout life..

i'm not..
it just sumtime it hit me..
dat guilt feeling..

kawie is a such gentleman..

i'msosupernotcool said...

S O R R O W?
like dat?

hypoc was just a part of our life..
hard to admit..

terlalu ringkas..

so cheap dat i cant buy it..

ko mmg..

i'msosupernotcool said...

natra md.nor:
stil wif walk away prob huh?

cik peah:
wasnt dat magic after all..
more to haunted..


but its hurt when they didnt buy it..

bell nabila:
u r rite..

i'msosupernotcool said...

lepas nih kene down sket xpectation tu..

avid gunner:
eww.. dude..
u so wild..

it do sound gay..

betol ckap omak kao..

Ah Fatt:
t ko dump aku..


Anonymous said...

"They never do if they really mean it" is only applicable for particular situation only.i try my best..but sometimes my best is not good enough...is out of my hand...not capable...u know what im saying.

Fza.ithu.Zazha said...

Bulan: he's a guy la..

btw, sorry is not the best way to escape.
but ok wat? Etliz we showed them that we r really sorry. HUuu~