Lesson learned : HARD.

Today we'll use a HARD word as an example.

We started with this girls who always have a hard time in her life. It's hard for her to find her true love. It's hard for her to find a nice Shiseido mascara during the Year End Sales. Or to find suitable blouse to wear with her new LV handbag.

How about this guy? He too have a hard life. He have to struggle to get into university. He struggled to prove to his family that he can live his own life. He can succeed just like his sisters and brother. And make his family proud.

And this family too. They on their to watch some movies. They says it's hard to get the movie ticket during weekend. So they just bought a gold class ticket. It was once a year family gathering by the way. Beside it's hard to gather all the family members when most of them live overseas.

What's hard for me?

A single mother selling nasi lemak in the morning and cleaning toilet at night to raise her six beloved children. That is hard.

We see thing different from others.

Owh, I met Jay Chou during the launching of his new movie, Treasure Hunter at GSC Pavilion. He's gorgeous. I'm not a big fan of him but do watch some of his movies, ie: Secret. And that actress with him just now. She's a damn hottie.

I'm gonna take some sleep. I reply all your comments and do the blogrunning later.


seroja jingga said...

and hard for me is..

saw my mum tak tido the whole nite just becuz take care of my dad yang sakit kuat past few munth..i love them damn much!

im goin to sleep too..
gd nite man

nursarah87 said...


when I have a lot of people around that love me..

but I cant get them happy over me..

Max J. Potter said...

Should be he HAS, not he HAVE.

and some more grammatical errors i'd like to point out. but i'm impressed that you're brave to write in english, brave enough to make mistakes and learn along the way. =)

keep it up.

and there's no one in the world who hasn't have to go through hardship.

like seriously.

kakuna_thekelipkelip said...

yeah..its hard to predict what will happen to us later..

its hard to forgive and forget when the situation is killing me of..

its hard...
damn hard..

Koyuki said...

susah tu saya tukar jadi senang



Razman said...

hard 2 apa? aku dh riso nak komen dlm english..ada cikgu bi lak..haha

ezzati said...

Razman..hard tu benda keras...gulpppp..

f.a.r.a.h said...

dude, i shud say that im speechless by ur definition of 'hard' word. it really something. ;)

enuLwanie said...


something yg boleh wat kita makan dalam.

but,it's a life experience.

kalau kita xpenah hidup susah, kita akan merasa susah di kemudian hari sebab kita xtau erti hidup sebenar.

fitriah said...

hard for me is ..

when u lost ur mom. at the early age. n u r the oldest one in ur family. n dad's working offshore.

Anonymous said...

teringat zaman kecil

Cik Bumble bee said...

That life, brO. nOthing easy. Just gO with the flOw. Hadap je..

humaira hadzarami said...

HARD? just nak bg satu ayat tu extra-dramatis kot..

e.g. its hard fr me to get all A's in SPM.

but, kalo kite nak, word HARD boleh tolak tepi. *sigh*
motivation utk diri sniri.

shakinah said...

kroihhh kroihhh

Fyzal said...

nothing is easy buddy. everyone has "hard" moment. the issue is how strong we are to face it.

have a nice day Bro.

avid gunner said...

i feel you, man..
mom never fails us.

dewajiwa said...

die hard. live freely.
Jay is a magnificent artist. prominent vocal and influence in chinese music scene. that guy also learned hard lesson before where he stand now. been a fan for his talent.

oo..now i know where you work dude. haha.

hans said...

is hard for me to make some decision....
but just move on and try to get it

hisham said...

during my childhood im selling kueh mueh wth my bro from hse to another hse..while im yelling "makcik2 nk beli kueh.."...struggle to survive after my late father passed away...

BuLaN iTu aKu said...

kekdang pengalaman itu menyakitkan

Ries Lee said...

hidup ni payah.

MissA said...

emm..what is hard..what is hard..
i cant think..
there's so many hardships in my life right now haha..

kawie2020 said...

I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders but I'm realize that life didn't promise to be wonderful all the time...

chirol said...

hard bile...family prob..tp lama2 mst dtg gak kesngan tu..

Lady Dyla said...

Its hard when u see ur own mother get dumped by her most beloved man and after 18 years, the man that dumped her still the king of her heart... Its TOUGH

MuHaMMaD86 said...


for me...it's hard to

berjihad dgn nafsu durjana
maintain in being a good person

setiap hdup ni ada sukarnya...which is good to test our ability/strenght

Dak Wan said...

Why I always HARD in the morning ahhh?

To whoever it may concern, correcting others in front of everybody is a wise and dumb thing to do, especially when you are on their turf.. Hell yeah, it make you stand out like Mrs.Perfect.

kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

aku suke komen razman..! yeah..heheeh

husna hadzarami said...

duhh.. ada English teacher la inside.. lets start writing with a dictionary :P

i'msosupernotcool said...

seroja jingga:
dats hard..
gudnite babe..

hard to mke everyone happy..
choose the imprtant one..

Max J. Potter:
my bad..
thx for ur advise..

believe me..
i'm trying HARD to improve it..

damn its hard..

bukan sume boleh d tukar..
camtu sng la..

i'msosupernotcool said...

gugel la man..
cikgu ke?

benda keras?


i'm gud at making people speechles btw..

we gonna face it sumwhere sumhow..

be strong babe..
i noe u r..

i'msosupernotcool said...

Ah Fatt:
knape dgn zmn kecik2 ko ah fatt?

Cik Bumble bee:
mmg gua hadap pon..

humaira hadzarami:
nak tolak tepi tu pon HARD jgak..
boleh bawak nangis..


i guess i am strong enuff..
thx dude..

i'msosupernotcool said...

avid gunner:
i miss my om sddenly..

now u know huh?

move on pon hard sumtimes..
it dmand a courage..

dats life kan..
a memory..

BuLaN iTu aKu:
ingat yg indah..

i'msosupernotcool said...

Ries Lee:
itu sudah pasti..

i'm sure u can think of one..
altough it wud b hard to rmmber it..

n when i think again..
dats wat make life precious..

just keep goin..
nver give up..

Lady Dyla:
dats tough..
god bless..

i'msosupernotcool said...

aku suka def tu..
nice one..

itu sume ujian..
makin besar ujian makin kuat kita..

Dak Wan:
eww dude..
dats so..

its ok dude..
it was n advises..

razman ko x suke?

husna hadzarami:
its ok..
at least dis one got name..

Anonymous said...

Your given example of hardship was excruciatingly raw and true.

Hard for me : to force myself to SLEEP! every night


sighing is hard to do ,too

Anonymous said...


this is what berputar-putar in my mind once a while,when some of my friends said life is so cruel...because they failed in love/exam for certain time and frustrated tak sudah-sudah, inisde my heart i laughing berguling-guling...because of what...because it is very a small matter compare to term of 'cruelty' that use by people who are homeless..kena buli...takda makan. i cannot help but i am a person that very hard to feel sad..(dissapointed is the better word for it)sometimes i laugh at myself for somethg i did not succeed..At least i have the opportunity.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at time of challenge and controversy~