The art of losing : Multiplying choices.

I was wondering on which one of this hurt most; losing someone to death or to break up.

A. Death. Thank you, god.
B. Break-up. Don't ask me why.
C. Wait until I killed my ex.
D. Society exhaust me, man. Like seriously.

Or should I stop taking life seriously? Nobody ever gets out alive anyway.

Fuck then.


¶A.K.I¶ said...

take the life jus da way it be okay man....

u alone cannot change the person... even the world... so take it easy...

f.a.r.a.h said...

i think break up shud be hurt at d first place. but at the end we're gonna be ok with dat.

losing someone to death? hmm, i guess u have to bear in your mind d fact that u're never meet that person again. it's hurt man. like forever.

rAy jR...@...Aliff said...

break up thingy?...seriously, that was damned fuck..and i hate those things...

death?that is so much beautiful...

Husna Hadzarami said...

kenapa aku rasa kau macam tengah heart-broken je ni?
lately entri macam ke arah tu je..

well, setiap yang hadir dalam hidup kau ni la yang akan mempengaruhi jatuh bangun kau.

take it as it is ye dik :)

seroja jingga said...

hey man!
im still alive..im tryin so hard to put my ass in here!

ermm..dissuppointed?? r u?

Anonymous said...

the hurt one?
it is A, B, C and D.

depend on which we are on.

cause, what ever happen to us seems to be worse than others.

anyway, life should never be taken seriously; cause nothing is more serious than enjoy the living as it is supposed to be enjoyed (written)

larasephia said...

AJ's last paragraph conveyed my views on this (issue?), too.

Being lively is one hell of a thing to "do". so stop penetrating and abusing your mind to fill in everything into life like.. seriously !!

then you'll living a lively ..life? yeah, life.

Anonymous said...


r u heartbroken?
please wake up
am all here for u

i adore u
n like u a lot
so please cheer up
its hurt to c u like dis

am try ma best to post something here for u for da fes time.neves.speechless.

hope with this, can give u a little bit courage

take care

- ur silent girl-

Judiene said...

i feel like i'm dying

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

mcm ex aku yang tak gune tu gtau..tangisi la orang yang g selama-lamanya, jgn tangisi org yang pergi sementara. he left me stret away after he told me that words. fuck tak? haha

si blogger kerek said...

which hurt d most? i choose A. the regret is painful. macam kne makan penampar

Zulkarnain Azman said...

Exactly nobody makes it out alive. At times they even lost their soul in the process...

and ended up being dead before death. How fucked up is that?

bell nabila said...

fuck the B ass..ahahaha..
i hate break up..or wut shud i said being a broken hearted people..
broken heart isnt easily mend..dont you think so??

MuHaMMaD86 said...



try cari cinta Allah?
InsyAllah,u'll happy n calm

do it step by step k

humaira hadzarami said...

awww, sume pun sakit. be strong ok :D

Hazirah said...

break up with ex is a lesson for us to be more stronger than before..

Fyzal said...

my preference is B..

shakinah said...

illekk laa cha!
adoi kau ni.

Lady Dyla said...

Start taking lyfe as a mystery... teheee~~~

green said...

n today we lose someone

al fatehah utk bro syam..

i'msosupernotcool said...

green :
i just read the story..
a total shocked..
we used to chat n etc before..
he was one of this blog early reader..
a big loss..

al fatihah..