That's why I hate Monday.

It was an ordinary Monday morning, with me, an ordinary guy waking up to my own extraordinary world. I march into the kitchen, looking for some snacks to fill my starving stomach, my breakfast. To my disappointment, I watch three packs of instant noodle greeting me in Brits accent.

I don't usually take my breakfast. Ok. Fair enuff. I actually missed it. Always.

And I hate Monday.

The same way I hate those politicians for their not-walking-the-talk attitude. They promised a better future for everyone and I wait. They said that thing going to get well very soon and I wait. They told me that the old thing going to be replace with new one; a better one and I wait. Still.

Only to realize that it was already Sunday.

Much like today. Another Monday.



pisey said...

aww,jom makanpagi sama2.heh,padahal semua stok makanan dah habis.


garfield hate mondays too you know ;)

chah~ said...

me too. hate monday. hishhh

p/s: da lame x singgah sini.. hihue

zella y said...

hate monday?? who doesn't?

MuHaMMaD86 said...

jom suka hari senin

jom la...hik3

Judiene said...

i like saturday!
dunno why?
maybe bcoz everything turn lively on saturday

Anonymous said...

haha.great one bout the politician.haha

but i love monday.coz i dont have any classes.so it juz like another sunday.the sequel one.haha.

chirol said...

i love friday.. cuti skang ni..so i can read ur blog now.. :D

kawie2020 said...

blue monday...

Anonymous said...

nasib baik aku x ada mood monday blues ni. semua hr sama

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hellioz said...

this is exactly what i feel.
except for the time being coz i'm on my holiday season.

larasephia said...

owh but I DO love monday. (NOT)