A corn for breakfast. A star for supper. I choosed not to talk to strangers.

Few days ago, this old friend of mine told me; that her heart is hard. So hard that no one can put a scratch to it. Up until it melting for this asshole. I just stood there smiling, wishing those asshole she falls in love with, all the best as I don't expect the beautiful lips of her to spell out my name. No. I leaned back and gave her another smile. A smirk that annoyed her enough as she brought my face away from her.

A bit shocked actually. It always occurred to me of becoming the first to know about her great love story. To know the name of the guy she surrendered her heart to. And by being the first gave me so much joy. I saw her living her life, hard. Day by day, digesting the taste of disappointment. It is too obvious that I couldn't hide my relieveness to know it was my friend she fall for. Too happy for it.

Fuck. I'm talking shit again and again. Let's just read between the lines. Ok?

By the way, my heart is hard too. Lol.


rAy jR...@...Aliff said...

so do i..my heart was hard too...wakakakaa.....

iyllienaz said...

hmm..after all, not easy for me to trust anyone in my life..

Judiene said...

she's your crush isn't she??
cmon, tell meh!

shakinah said...

esok gua tukan kan header yang macam lu nak tu.
letak lovelove ke star?
lovelove la eh?
hihi. tengok nanti. tengokk.

shakinah said...


hans said...

my heart not hard derrr

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Razman said...

hw bout ur ass? hard? ai loikeee nokksss...

Syue Gagashi said...

cis. failed to read between the lines T_T. mind to explain? HAHA

pencubit said...

hard enough

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

is that hard enough?

a friend of mine asked me once when I told him that I do have a hard heart too.

Seha Haris said...

yes! i understand it well! manage to read between the line. nice job bro! :)

kawie2020 said...

some people say if u talking shit means u have a hard heart...

is it true?

ha chemo said...

u r making it hard..ur heart!
giv a break...hihi :D

i'msosupernotcool said...

rAy jR...@...Aliff:
hard? good then..

its hard to trust nowadays..
to trust ourself too..

haha.. congrats dude..

haha.. lovelove?

i'msosupernotcool said...

fragile then?
watch out..

shit.. haha..
man is the best comentor ever..

Syue Gagashi:
u mind try it again?
and again?


i'msosupernotcool said...

hard yes..
enough? im not sure..

Seha Haris:
nice job to u too..

im talking shit all the time..
im a hard guy after all..
how hard? dunno..

ha chemo:
but it just dont want..
got another idea?

laila said...

hati aku lembek sangat
tak bagus kan?