That punk dude is now my idol. His girlfriend too.

I remember one of my teachers told my mother that he had not yet seen the direction of my life. What course should I pick. What will I be when I grow up. Et cetera. Et cetera. I'm quite sure that it must have been related to my additional math and modern math grade, which both written in red.

I watch this flicks about a guy who didn't even bother to do anything other than living his life. And he is living his life on only his self-need basis. Which is doing thing he want to. You know, enjoying much of his life time.

He got a cute girlfriend lives with him. They looks for money only when needed, i.e: to pay rent, buy cigar, drug and food. Wasted it all the time. Starve when they feel they need to. Steal if they had to. An absolute punk I'll say.

It was just a damn movie but still it was kind of admiring since that's what I think a life is all about.

Let's see what will I do after my graduation. An actor?

Oh Fuck.


Rowena Chasez said...

mcm tau je movie nie..
u nak jdi actor??
try laa..:P

natra md.nor said...

an actor? Dude! Seriously?! Hahah..

redplasticbag said...

radit and jani?

f.a.r.a.h said...

hahaha. try 1st! maybe u r as gud as brad pitt dude. who knows. haha

Wanita Mutalib said...

wow...actorrrr :)

Judiene said...

is it Jim Carrey??
oh btw, if you're an actor one day, please recommend me to your boss

shakinah said...

tolong jangan rosakkan industri perfileman malaysia yang sedia goyah ni.


Seha Haris said...

oh. habis lah. anda nak jadi pelakon lelaki?

hellioz said...

thats exactly what i had in my mind.

mybe thats whats life supposed to be for some person.
coz without realizing the fact,
we are living by the rules, rigidly and with almost zero tolerance to break the rules.

i'm just saying~

jo said...

mintak sign siap-siaplah..boleh?

MuHaMMaD86 said...

i think u have a soul to be an actor..yup,honestly...myb film writer
i like ur written style...
a bit jiwang sometime...he3

berada dilandasanNYA...hidup mati kerana Allah SWT

fndrocka said...

haha u make it sounds like a good lifestyle...bravo

miEz haNeM said...

lama tak dge cerita kamu..

ALIA AZHRR said...

Im salute-ing you :)

shakinah said...