"Duh. I just got dump. I'm being single and affordable again. I'm so super not cool. What the fuck."


Jard The Great said...

waaa............ *tatau nk komen apa. =p

wtf jugak la

~ nuriel narissa nisreen ~ said...

~ erk..tak tau nk komen sbb tak tau sape yg tulih entri yg nih..

cik peah said...

being single is not that bad. it was cool what. heheh.

Judiene said...

misssssss u like crazy laa
welcome back dude!

Razman said...

hah, tu judiene dh rindu.. jd gay la, pe lg..

i'msosupernotcool said...

nak threesome ke man? hahaha

iyllienaz said...

alaa..single je pon..jauh dari jantung..hehe

-C.Gad!s- said...

dump dan meng-dump orang kan benda biase rite?

just chill..

its not end of your life pon...

bak kate razman...jadik gay lah!


Anonymous said...

aku pun baru balik dari 'bercuti'...
so, welcome to the board dude.

being single?
let rephrase this.
you not got dumped, but; you choose to be single; instead of wasting more time on conflict and argument. Maybe you need a break before another 'normal' relationship.

thats all dude.

anyway, love to see you back.

(please do listern to dallabgnikcufecin song. cool!)

ha chemo said...


larasephia said...

and I love you just the way you are!

(dont you get tired of hearing these very corny lines from me since forever?!!!)


rock on!