Momentum Girl.

(dedicated for those who wait.)

She walks on the sight of grace in plain feeling.
step on the tricky stones of attention vigorously without even notice the shake. she’s in that pace. the hold-me-not pace. steadily actuated by the motivation of being there, the place she know. where the seat of glory is waiting for her. to be grabbed. she’s so focused like in her parallel universe she were there. nothing can stop her momentum nor shake her focus.

She never even stop at any romance checkpoint.

She knew her surrounding matters still.
that is very why she care to give her precious glimpse. she’s always humble on any wave of encouragement or the warm greet. alas, she always missed my hi-there smile. damn. still, i send her passed through with glad feeling smirk. as a genuine looser, i keep hi-ing her. not a fan like, just adoring her attitude, kinda. i happen to like anybody like that; on pursuit, always constant in feeling.

Oddly enough, she stood in front of me today.
greet me softly before she kill me with that deep brown eye stare. blew me into pieces with that bomb of concern question. she even care to let me be in her shoes by telling me her small secret. about she actually noticed me and point her radar on me all these years but kind of waiting for me to make a move first. fak. am i on the dreamland? i pinched my consciousness few times silently. idiotically nice, i just replied short on every dialog changed between us. cutting every lifeline of chances eh? i cursed myself at the moment she left, leaving me wrecked slowly.

There she goes again, on her very own momentum lane.


i_am_the_KING said...

love this entry very, very much.

miEz haNeM said...


zella y said...


-C.Gad!s- said...

really love this one


balqissy said...

adoring her attitude. how sweeet ;)

Husna Hadzarami said...

is it about regretting for not making the first move earlier?

Anonymous said...

if u didnt have the chance to chase, u shud think of using a short cut.
dunno if it will work but it deserve a try no?


shakinah said...

can i copy this?
save in my tumblr?

beautiful words man.

Wanita Itu said...

sonoknya kalu dapat menulis sehebat kamu :)

Anonymous said...

it is worth to wait for your word here. it just awesome.
and i just can't suprise myself by knowing that she fall onto you.

You should have love-me-as-who-am-I on your i-am-cool-but-adorable attitude; i suppose!
So, take your shoes and have a small step forward. I believe, she have gone nowhere; she will be there; waiting; until she lost all the reason to wait; that is you!

think deep friend, then you should know what should and should not. You smarter than i should know rite!

p/s: i hate waiting; but if you comeback with these type of writing, my disappointment will gone :). same goes to i'amsosupernotcool; you great too bro!

Afiq Safwan said...

words, could be as beautiful as u want it to be.

and man, you have made a really beautiful things, out of words.

nice one!

zuliana_me said...

Hi, i stumbled upon ur blog which is:
Fuck The Super Not Cool.

U r doing the NotCool some deeds, man.. Now ppl are all over them. ;)

Nice post thou. I've once wrote a novel myself. Keep it up!

rAy jR...@...Aliff said...

yeahhh...the supernotcool ttp terbaekkkk...kekekekeke

baincardin said...

*al-Fatihah utk arwah Din Beramboi...

pisey said...

well written ;)

jo said...

hati saya sudah terpikat...

dengan gaya penulisan kamu.ouch!

alhena said...

so sweet.. :)