That's when I know I prefer a lavender than roses.

'do you believe in hallucinations, silly dreams or imaginations, don't go away cause I feel you this time, don't go away cause I need you there this time'~music~

As I lay myself on the bridal chamber,

She peeled the skin out of me. Dried it. And wraps the once white roses carved from my skull, now painted with my young red blood, nicely. She then pulls the spine from my back. Crunch it with that black hammer of hers and with a few drop of tears she impressively turns it to a ribbons. Gold ribbons whom tie the wrapper. That wrapped the roses, yes.

And by faking a smile, I know I let her.

'do you believe in hallucinations, any dream or it's revaluation, don't go away cause I need you there this time, don't go away cause I'm making you all mine'

"Ah damn we always tend to think bout others..."
HafizChan on I'm damn cowardy even with this two sharp Cullen-look-a-like fangs.

Thanks for the spot-on dude.

Owh. And all the roses-thing-hallucinations was none but an exaggeration. Don't bother.

But it did hurt. Fuck.


Judiene said...

silly dreams sometimes can add variety of colors to the world.
let it blooms and never stop dreaming.

laila said...

kenapa aku xsuka roses ek?

cikmemy said...

hate to be in hallucinations...coz it doesnt become real..hate that!

am_theKING said...

tak salah ber halusinasi, jangan over sudey

h.a.n said...

i always think about my stupid dream :p

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

how bout bunga tahi ayam? bunga raya ke..

izzad b* said...

bunga matahari pon ok..

humaira hadzarami said...

i hate dreaming. but i love roses :)

hans said...

kenapa tak ada sapa nak bagi aku bunga ros?

chokio_nia said...

i prefer neither..

zella y said...

hi dude!!

i love roses... ;)

miEz haNeM said...

I belIEvEd IN 'YOU:"

Anonymous said...

There is a mind, a working mind.
When you overused them, they will black out.

When you underused them, they will lead to an inefficiency mind. A decision with cloud doubt every second.

But, when your overused them for intangible thinking, then you will be insane.

Yup, unsound. Err no sound?

Call them anything you like. Cause that are your opinion; but for me; the thinker; I am in haven.

Roses? Lavender? Tulips?
There is no real answer of what is the best and what is the worst; it is all our preference; and we {people} cant have same preference all the time, cause world cant have million ‘exactly same girl/boys’ at the same times too.

So, don’t criticize me when I say I prefer sunflower more than every other flower; cause that is my preference; and not yours!

Gadis said...

U prefer lavender than the roses because the thorns might hurt you right? For me I love roses because even it's hurt yet it's still beautiful n it's make me happy...and I hope u happy with your choices... Hihi

MuHaMMaD86 said...

pnh dgn tersurat n tersirat

xpaham but

i got 4 flowers dring my convocation

Lady Dyla said...

tersirat n tersurat sungguh.. teliti gile bc this entry...

faiq said...

haha..padan muke